A Call to Revolution

Let me bring you up to speed. This is a call to Revolution in the context of the American Election Cycle, written Feb. 28, 2016, from the perspective of someone who supports the candidacy and movement of Bernie Sanders. A Democratic Socialist who is running for the presidency of the United States under the banner, but not the support, of the Democratic Party.

I will make the best journalistic attempt to verify each element of this work, and to cross reference and include them in this essay. So, in the abstract - I stated that Bernie Sanders did not have the support of the Democratic Party. I said this for two reasons. First, the Democratic National Committee is headed by someone known as Debbie Wasserman Schulz - Calls for the resignation of Ms. Wasserman Schultz are rapidly increasing in both frequency and intensity. Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s most recent gaffe, accusing millennials of complacency on abortion rights, inspired progressive group Credo Action to petition for her resignation—reaching over 61,000 signatures so far.‘In Congress, she has served as a pro-militarist and corporatist tool of the high bidders.’

Another group, Roots Action, has accumulated over 30,000 signatures in a separate petition. “In addition to her recent attempt to deny the Bernie Sanders campaign access to its own voter files, Wasserman Schultz has tried in other ways to minimize competition for her candidate, Hillary Clinton,” states the Roots Action petition. “In Congress, she has served as a pro-militarist and corporatist tool of the high bidders.”

MoveOn.Org has collected over 60,000 signatures, and Change.org has over 47,000 signatures calling for Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s resignation.
To further document this statement, I would offer that the Democratic Party locked Bernie Sanders out of its voter database - and then proceeded to turn a blind eye to the negotiation that followed which would have restored access. Although Senator Sanders finally was allowed access, the damage was done. Iowa, however, chose to take their vote seriously - and nevertheless handed to Bernie a virtual Tie in the state - despite his opponent being funded and controlled by corporate overlords and spending massive amounts of money, and during the coverage of the event - attempted to call the election for his opponent despite the fact that the election vote had been marked extremely close and the vote count was not finalized.
I will set aside the fact that the winning margin of delegates were actually decided by six coin tosses, all of which flipped somehow to "heads",
and simply offer that the tie in Iowa occurred under the radar of the establishment - and they took notice. The blackout took on a different character, bringing in slanted opinion editorials, and moving through the motions of coverage but taking on a slightly sinister turn.

And yet, in the next contest, history was made.

After an unprecedented turnout, and win in New Hampshire - for Bernie Sanders - after fighting back from full media blackout and the entire establishment lined up against him - Bernie Sanders won by the largest margin in the history of the state, and with the highest voter turnout in history. Police cars were lined up in the streets to try to mark the end of the line so that they could close the polls.

These people had done their homework.

Bernie Sanders had just effectively tied in Iowa, with the Clinton democrats using media manipulation to attempt to call the race before the vote was actually counted. There are still standing irregularities in the count, but this was an effective tie - with less than one percent of the electorate , actually even less than one half of one percent - being the decider bloc. The Iowan system , like all systems , had a margin of error. And the election found itself within it.

This is remarkable, because the Sanders candidacy, to that point - had only been defined by the pure experience of his speeches, felt by his own supporters. The Sanders candidacy was at the point of a full media blackout - with approximately 7 minutes of coverage per day given, while the rest of the news media entertainment establishment spent anywhere from 4 to six hours per day running stories about the establishment candidates. And if you count the candidate that is running as an anti-establishment candidate, who represents the establishment paymaster class - then that number reaches up to 8 hours.

So let's put this in perspective. With 8 hours of propaganda driving into the voters, a win is handed to Bernie - and further, the turnout reaches epic numbers. Bernie then goes on to warn us - that they will throw the kitchen sink at him.

What Bernie did not anticipate, was that they would use a Trebuchet, and they would aim it at his revolution.

Bernie Sanders called for a peaceful revolution, simply to get out the vote, and vote for him. He felt, perhaps correctly - that if Democrats got out and voted, that he would win - simply because , in his own words, the voter turnout where people are engaged, and aware - favors them historically.

And he got his revolution. For a few brief moments in the sun, America was able to understand - if only for a few moments - that its corruption had not extended so far that the system could not recover. It was a moment of humanity.

But then the voter turnout mysteriously dropped to almost nothing. Low turnout in Nevada, and Record Low Turnout in South Carolina. Bernie's voter base was threatened in Nevada, but almost wiped out in South Carolina. The turnout was the lowest in over eight years. Of course, the question is. Why? What happened?

We looked at the low information voter. And we discovered an ugly truth. In a post Reagan election cycle, where Washington DC has been largely transformed into a University System to install congressmen and senators as lobbyists post term - and where our nation's capital has become status obsessed, the American people have accepted the role of News Media Entertainment in their lives. We have become the best entertained, and least informed people on the planet.

And the single greatest element of News Media Entertainment cycles , the one repetitive element that they have coded and applied since the mid 1980's, with greatest effect - is the transmission of a paralyzing fear into the electorate. They began this exercise using a system called the "amber alert" system. Designed to allow the news story to be broken into - for the purpose of saving a young girl's life who had been kidnapped (her name was Amber) , the News Media Entertainers quickly discovered that a primal response was won from their viewing audience. A human being has something called the alerting instinct. It is an instinct designed to keep you safe in the jungle. A primal part of your mind is constantly scanning the background, looking for a change in the background pattern. It is not a fully conscious activity; the purpose is to check the template of what you see against a possible trigger event - such as the pattern of a super predator rushing out to eat you, and be able to avoid being eaten by a saber toothed lion. This instinct , they discovered, was an "always on" way in which they could maintain the viewing interest of those that they were entertaining, but not actually informing. It provided a mindless thrill for the viewing public, who began to lose their sense of questioning about the news stories that were thrown at them. After the wars of convenience in the early 21st century, where heavily distorted information was sent to the American public as a rationale for the invasion of a country that had not attacked us - invoking a war corporatist state became a straightforward extension of the mechanisms that news media entertainment had established. Even further, in 2004, the utility of the news media entertainment machine to continue to cast corporate press release and stock information - made the news media entertainment industry into a criminal enterprise, carrying with it the strange and odd silences on such matters as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, or TPP, the largest and most comprehensive trade deal ever negotiated - while corporate overlords transformed the American election cycle with a Supreme Court campaign known as Citizens United - that allowed them to pour more money into campaigns than ever before - and effectively eliminated democratic voting cycles. As such, news media entertainment transformed itself into a propaganda machine under the direct control of those who had stolen massive amounts of money from the American people in the form of a type of security known as a derivative. - The vast amounts of money taken from the American people, coupled with the market instability that followed, caused heavy destruction to our American economy in 2008. Those who were responsible for that destruction were never prosecuted. The news media entertainment machine had transformed itself into a corporate socialist organ of propaganda.

In part, America slightly recovered from its reach by simply turning off their cable TV. They would save money just running Netflix into their home, and so a campaign was waged to attempt to control the public internet - a campaign by Cable TV providers who fought the basic structure of the internet - an open, public, best practices approach that was at once very comfortable, and logical. Speaking from the perspective of a man who has made a career out of network engineering, as a bread and butter fallback when the research and development aspect of my career turns my ship toward calmer waters as I put children through college - I can honestly say that the campaign was shocking to me. A complete up ending of the basic infrastructure of the internet - under the false flag of "improving speed". The focus and goal of the cable TV companies was not the increase of speed - but rather the blatant attempt to install control over the content of the Internet. Yes, I read their end user license agreements. Yes, I can confirm this is exactly what they were doing, not only from a journalistic but also an engineering perspective. The public internet provides an open path for all sites through it - and if at any point a choke point is allowed to be installed, it disrupts the total amount of bandwidth - the idea that installing a "fast lane" for the internet - is false. The internet itself is more of an autobahn- a freeway without speed limit, and everyone is always going as fast as we can. We fly down this information superhighway with the purpose of getting to our destination, and we are kind to those who fly alongside us - we do not veer into their lane or attempt to put up speed cones and choke traffic down to a point. But this was the simple fact: the cable TV companies attempted to force us to destroy the public fabric of the internet. We network engineers fought this tooth and nail, and the FCC received more comments on their decision to maintain net neutrality and the open, public internet - more than any other issue in its history. I personally delivered a message to the FCC field office. The Cable TV companies had sent an out of work actor and paid shill to stand there and perform in front of the steps. Understand that this war was waged without your recognition of it even happening, because news media entertainment is an organ of propaganda. But if we had failed, the public internet would look very, very different. The core of that battle is this - what are you paying for? Do you get an internet connection to the public internet, which you can test - and then have to pay for another connection that you cannot test? We took the position that you should get what you pay for, and that no company should ever require you to pay for a "path through the cloud" as it were, because that network connection , even if you paid for it - would not be something you could monitor and it would prioritize traffic and allow the Cable TV companies to set up a laundry list of internet "services" , that would be akin to broadcast Television, taking sites that were once publicly routed at best practices and slowing them down. It is clear that at or around this time, Americans were shutting off their cable TV and the Cable TV industry would have continued, and given the existing and extremely corrupt system in which we are operating they may well have won - but the rise of the Television Series occurred. And suddenly Americans had a new reason to turn their Cable TV back on - the series that they loved were there. And so, we won a reprieve. But even as I write this, the Trans Pacific Partnership (another war you've never heard of ) is attempting to install the same types of destructive infrastructure into the public internet. Americans turned off their Cable TV, and then they turned it back on.

All of this adds up to a simple point. There is no vast conspiracy. I'll get to the point in a minute. Bear with me, please. But now, flash forward to this cold Atlanta Dawn, and what of Bernie Sanders? he never wavered in his positions, and he rose to election in the Senate by helping his state to become engaged, and aware - but in speaking truth to power in his national Presidential campaign - he made a campaign error that, at time of writing, stands to lose him the election. I say this on the basis of careful analysis of exit polling in South Carolina and Nevada, which as of yesterday, are now completed primary elections.

Bernie Sanders did not make a campaign error. And he did not misrepresent what he felt needed to happen in our country. He stated that we, as an American people - need to create a revolution. He stated that we need a radical change in our government, to steer our country from the abyss of corruption and its current oligarchical war corporatist socialist underpinning. He did not create a call for destruction or attack - but rather, ran a positive, simple campaign designed to highlight differences on the issues. He drew massive crowds, and thousands and thousands of people came to see and hear his message and left profoundly uplifted, inspired and engaged. He trusted in the American voting electorate to make up their mind and vote. And this was , to me, at least, something that was an almost profound thing. It gave me hope. It gave many Americans hope. He did not make a campaign error - and inside his campaign, surrounded by so much positive energy - it was easy to see why the error that befell him occurred. It wasn't a campaign error. It was an error in the form and shape of his opponent.

As I write this the cold sun is working its way through an Atlanta sky, and dawn comes. I'm listening to Pink Floyd, and checking over my work, and making sure that everything is correct thus far. And I double checked, because I'm attempting to correct the brightest star of our American political firmament. It is highly likely that I am wrong, and if I am, please let me know - but I'm trying to tell a man who has a better command of the issues facing our country - what he did wrong.

And so, I would like to offer to my reader, whom I prize. Yes, this means you. You thought there was more than one of you , didn't you?
That I took a break, played a strategy game, and then came back. There were three paragraphs beyond this point that you may never see.
Let's see if they survive the red pen. (movie reference here)

Bernie made a mistake in that he thought he was running against the best organized political machine in our country. He was. This is not the essense of the mistake. The question was, to what degree.

The Clinton Democrats and their connections to news media entertainment are part of the political machine that is installed in America. The rest of it is a creeping police state that is now directly responding to fascism. Sanders is running against the Clinton Democrats, who are controlled by corporate overlords - but he is also running against the corporate overlords themselves. This appeals to the low information vote.

In short, the low information vote is now dividing cleanly between those who are terrified (and rightly so) of the creeping police state under the control of Fascism - and schadenfreude. The former, will suffer greatly if they are not encouraged and strengthened in situ. They have responded to the call to revolution by running away from it though their hearts speak to them of a better world should they turn and fight. They make these choices rationally, having seen the consequences of turning toward the fight. South Carolina is the best example. Last night, new voters and young voters went for Bernie, but the low turnout of the entire electorate drove us to a simple conclusion: they are afraid.

This is with justification. You are now looking at an intersection of three feudal states - the news media entertainment machinery - who at once wishes to assert itself as a paid intermediary, necessary as a gateway to any public election - and in whom the massive and unprecedented amounts of money are at once vital to their interests and driving the direction of the propaganda they deliver. And we have seen that the American people wish their president to be complicit to them, to take a knee to them.

And you are also seeing the completion of a police state, and the rise of fascism. Most of the low information vote does not understand the historical context of this action - or of its extreme danger. They assume, wrongly, that the man who sees himself as a great hero, and who will surround himself with yes-men, will be someone who can some how make things better. But this is exactly the principle behind the rise to power of fascist dictators - the exact mechanism that they employ. When a man gathers that much power, it will be clear and evident that the temptation to misuse it will come. And come it will.

Those who blindly cheer on this form of overlord have no actual idea what they are doing, but they know it feels good because the person they cheer onward helps to make them feel good. Men who accomplish these goals ensure the loyalty of their supporters , and they separate them into tribal factions so that they can be more easily controlled. Once these supporters have locked in, they will follow the will of their leader wherever he may go, even as their conscience dictates otherwise. Those who ran, know this in their hearts. They feel. They know that danger is coming. They are already beginning to run.

So I will conclude: the mistake that Bernie made is that Democracy is still alive in America. It's not.
We are no longer a democratic state.

The only way forward is actual revolution.
The world on you depends, our life will never end.