Work In Progress, Part II.

And yes, just so you know. I'm writing to you. I tend to feel like a shadow sometimes, and it feels kind of good so I am writing this from a ghostly place that lives between work and play - right around 12 in the afternoon.

Hmm! I am having an editor look at the democrat socialist manifesto, to help me tighten it up. I am making progress on a few things. For example, I'm working out the positioning of my product launch, I think I've got a really compelling product story to tell.

I'm late on a couple of patent things I'm supposed to do, and I'm not really doing alot of volunteer work for any of the other causes. Today's a special day, alot of what I need to do , needs to happen today. So I'm going to use some planning software a bit like MS Project and lay out some of the important points of progression and then just hit it.

I'm really proud of myself for bringing a really old car back to life, and it serves me well. I'm also happy to be the age that I am, and I like to walk. One day I will walk with you. Or not. But then again, are we both going to actually do anything with all of this? I think so.