An Open Letter to My Enemy

You run around in the wasteland
the littered remains

And you hold so close
to your heart the law of god

You're the reason why people are afraid

Here is my open letter
a prayer

That enough of what we are
the virtues we hold in our heart


And I hope you can stop
and just breathe

and see
a world where everything eats
and feel at peace
that I will kill you
and eat you

my hunger

I will crack your bones
then feed them to my dog

In this world, enemy mine
You die.

It's going to be nice
living at last
without you

But I will miss you
it's just the way it works
I've been here before

I will miss your drama
the jerks
the little things

Like how you behead
innocent people

how you put your kid
into a jesus camp
because she was gay

how you went into that party
and instead of getting high
you shot everyone

What's left
will lay in my garden
and pray
make my vegetables green
in dark earth

and all I know is that it makes me feel good now

I have you

Where I want you

In the quiet morning of my life
while you sleep

Where you eat your lunch
your food will be poison
and when you vomit

There will be blood