The 500 Percent

In America, with 15% of the population living below the poverty line, and 1% of the population holding more wealth than nearly all of the bottom 25% combined, there exists a structure of paid off politicians, corrupt corporate rules for leaking insider information, stock trade, and institutionalized bribery. It is an attempt by those traitors to our cause, who sided with the British during the great American revolution - to reinstate the monarchy and reward themselves. It is taxation without representation - the hidden fees, the not so hidden extra work for no pay, the bills that kill.

But within this same group of people, there are those I call the 500%. They are the ones who take most of their information from television and radio, talk radio, or video clips.

I call them the 500% because I recently learned from someone who did a study, that information you gather in this manner is 5 times slower than if you read it. A good example might be found in reading law. If someone spends three to four hours studying a night, the same person trying to get it all from, say, talk radio - would take nearly 15 to 20 hours a day just to keep up.

I really don't care if you join the 1%. If you're happy with how wealthy you are, and you want to tell everyone about it, then you're just a douchebag. On the other hand, if you have gained wealth and you use it not only to make more wealth but also to remember that every sixty minutes, there is one hour lived - and in that one hour there are millions of living beings who lived that same hour with you - and you use it to make yourself stronger, or better - or make the lives of any of those other beings better - then you're fine. Wealth is like an amplifier. If you're a dick, you'll be even more of a dick when you're rich - but if you're cool, you'll end up being powerfully cool. There's nothing wrong with that.

I don't even care if you join the 25%. Money is just money. Living off the grid seems harder and harder to do each year. Drones fly around looking for people, gps tracks you - and you're casually recommended to record every one of your thoughts in a little paragraph form on a website , for later review by partially hydrogenated marketers and high fructose corn surveillance.

I do care if you join the middle class, and the working poor - because you will be an endangered species. You'll pay bank fees, hidden costs, and you'll pump your own gas, bag your own groceries and data entry your life into a database that someone else will be paid to review, and others will farm. Aristotle once wrote "the greatest evil is that job done by a man, better done by a machine". You wear a target on your back. You will pay , and pay , and then when the screen cracks - you'll pay again - and then wonder why you don't have any money.

But even if you're a part of any of these three feudal classes, please don't join the 500%. Read.
It's faster than anything else. Really.