Tearesea' hu' po 7 meter

I don't care about Hawaii
I've got Tahiti.

I'm a cold ass honky.

I've got it all .

Check it out. Three people
That dress up and clean my house.

I've got it all.
Knot agreed juries during

Gnaw Tiffany Mouse

I know the pieces fit. Because I watched them fall
Square, fundamental
Catching an edge and over

The light I find and simple division
carrying me forward through to the end

Tweeze denied beef worker Isthmus
This talking swear unbided Gemini wit cairn

Onward through the storm
Buddy herding explain air hedge rowboat design
Grit your teeth
Keep a stiff upper lip

Move on and through
and onto
a sense


To survive
After all

7 meters is alot of wave