Some say the world shall end in fire
others say ice

But I have seen the end of the world in desire
and I have seen the beginning of the world in the eye
of a bird
before it was killed

I have heard the pure intentions juxtaposed
between the sharpened claws of a cat
who leapt silently and fell from the world

I saw the moment the air opened wide
and let him in

I heard the poetry of the unerring strike
Its effeciency
The deadly allure of life within uncertainty

The bird thought it could run away
but like the cat
who would go hungry

It was taking a chance

I saw the world fall away
and the beautiful colors fade

The cat takes the head
and like kittens who must be led
and away
from litter
and chairs
and toys filled with catnip

So we can be led
to greatness

Or cold silence.


The Prepared Mind