The Future of the Internet (And How You Can Stop It)

I have a garage
A workshop

It was once filled with water
and mold grows on everything
but like good marriages
it is built now on what isn't
as well as what is

I have a few things I've made
and things I've invented

I have a white board
and a surf board
and a skate board

I surf there
and try to invent things
there are moments where I can focus
on things
But mostly I'm just bored

I spend time
on the internet
most of which I do not
live to regret

I learn
and travel
and feel as if I am somewhere else

I sit still
and grow fat
and soft

My eyes grow weak
I pulse through the sky
with dark angels in flight
across a godless ocean
I adapt
in profound ways

I take time out
to work with a switch
that seems never to die
and make it work better
and connect everything in my backyard
to the front
and wireless to the side
and out to the car
and to my bike
and to connect in other ways

I will watch out
for people who wear the internet on their eyes
and in their phone
and keep it so close
it is never far

I work to sever the tether
because I know
tying something to a single site
is a pothole on the information highway
where motorcyclists
go to die

Keep everything open
and then you can own
what's inside
It's better if you try

the number one predictor
of overall enjoyment
in midlife
is the quality of the intimacy
before midlife

keeping the net
free strong and healthy
is a lifelong job
and honor

all hail anonymous
its fun to be sensual
and alive
and not just the next big thing

put back what you take
leave no trace
search sometimes for no reason
other than just to click on the one thing you think it really means

write what you think and feel
stay away from sites that clip your wings

and when you're ready
make something wonderful

and leave it there for everyone
little things make a huge difference

be kind
be courteous
don't just fall through the door
and barely acknowledge
what you find there on the net

because the internet isn't just me or you
it's everyone
and the normal age related changes
are something you can adapt to

focus on the process
not the outcome

and finally
just hack everything
and if you can
post one answer
to one question

that you really know