Hi, I'm Your Disease


I'm your disease.
We're going to be friends, today.

Please don't sleep.
Just push yourself.

All day, all night - I'll be waiting for you when you tire
I'm low grade.

I know what you're thinking.
Why shouldn't I just blossom into a full blown fever?

Then you would be leery
and I couldn't cut and splice your DNA
with safety scissors
and a glue stick

I like colors
I know. Let's paint your hair gray
caving in around you
try to look the other way
but you can't turn around

It's ok for you to hate me
for all the things I've done

I've made a few mistakes
but I'm not the only one

But please. Don't sleep.
Don't heal.

Just let me stay inside
where the soft dark things hide

I am so hungry
and so simple

I love you
I've always loved you

I am religion, in my own way
and I know you love to have religion in your own way

My final prayers
are written

I am the ultimate
and I know you like to Dominate

I am
that I am
The one life form to rule them all

I wear a coat of protein
My feet reverse transcriptase
where the dark eye glances
by ethereal bloodstream

You can call me friend
You call virus
And you can call me fever

But don't call me cancer
because when it all comes down around you

I want the element of surprise
because deep inside
We are spies

Each trying to break the other's code
and if you finish first
you get the empathy virus

But if I win
I get to play the sound of windchimes
and turn your insides
into toxo-plasmo-Paris
If you fail
I learn
the way you feel
I like you
You're real

Never there was a good knife
Made of bad steel