I know what you're thinking.
But take comfort.

Pretty obnoxious, huh? Written here on a blog.
After all, wouldn't the creator of the universe
be a bit more creative?

Why aren't I talking to you by swan?
Like Zeus?
Why do I always talk to one person, alone?
Instead of just using
Televisionary Television?

Hey. Aren't you used to piles of shit by now?
Enough love songs
for that monster child.

I want to speak to you.
I want you to understand why you're alive.

Then the storm spoke. And the thunder said.
You see.
You were made to die.

I didn't do this to be mean.
I just wanted you to know why.

It's a wish.
After all, the universe keeps us going.
Galaxies twist and collide
and wipe out entire sections of life
Like things that grow and multiply
in a drop of water

Not quite like leviathan

And so we killed off planets
before it happens.
You have to, sometimes -
for life.
And, you know
for the wife.

You listen to lyrics.
I am hoping you figure it out

It's not just a bet
it's a way of life

Winston Churchill said.

All great things are simple.

So here's your riddle.
Guess how to live

I'll give you 50 years.