How to Read This Blog: A Primer

This is a collection of writings, essays, image, film and verse. Much of it has been broken, over time, and there is much to read. It extends over the course of nearly six years, maybe more. Early posts included images and music that have been content removed by people who believe that they can own what's inside your head.

Some posts are political in nature. They represent a concern for the world as it is, and my personal voting and activist considerations taken to change it for what I feel it should be.
Some of the work done in the early years of this blog were dedicated purely to that aim, simply because I felt that we were on a bad vector. America engaged in War of Convenience, massively grew the federal bureaucracy, and enveloped much of what was done in levels of secrecy that were and are still unprecedented in our history. The attempt to implement a unitary executive was something I opposed.

Some posts are sexual in nature. They reflect a sensibility that I maintain, being that sex is a healthy and positive activity and that consent is a basis for many different forms of sexual play. I am a heterosexual, but I have written about homosexuality and the right to marry. In my early writings I did not oppose its incept, but politically - I advised not to press forward with it during the time our government was attempting to impose a unitary executive. After that era more or less passed (please check your drone hunting license and make sure it's up to date) I recommended a full court press. Every deserves the right to have marital squabbles.
Everyone deserves to get laid.

Some posts reflect my status as a person, although I have - to the best of my ability - removed all references to my family or self. I do this because I write - perhaps much as Marcus Aurelius - to find the essence and character of all things. I am an adventurer. I seek to find horizon. On my desk, there is a copy of "Cosmos - A Field Guide". Our sun will one day die. All life on our planet will end. Finding that new horizon may be the difference between life and death. Plus, it keeps you from getting seasick.

In general, the easiest way to read this blog is with a sense of humor. If you find something that's gross - think of it as a pet frog I've brought home to you. However sickened, angry, or outraged - I found it interesting if just for a while.

And I promise I'll feed it and take care of it. Can I keep it? Please?

All material on this blog is my own, with the exception of images and media - most of which I've linked to with attribution to owner. The material is written under GNU public license. Send it wherever you like, but keep a record of who wrote it.

I maintain exactly seven people who know who I am. If you are reading this blog and I've met you in person or contacted you in any other way - you should be aware that the blog is written for a general reader, and for many different reasons I keep my own identity secure. If you write a blog, and reveal who you are to someone - and you've decided you need to close the door again - how do you do it?

It's actually pretty easy. People tend to read things that help them to explore their own world. You simply take them where they don't want to go.

For me, the last horizon is the black, lifeless reach of space where no life at all will ever exist. Stars that give their life - bring warmth to planets that will hold it. Say a person you have met believes Aliens are cute little stretch toys with big eyes. Remind them that any alien we will likely meet, will have travelled such vast distances and attained such a level of technological and social superiority that - like the film "Prometheus" - will either see us as a bioweapon - a virus that they can use against other races - or they will simply use us as a food source.

Pictures of cattle rendering and bolt guns can help.

I have been accused of being dark, at times. That's ok. Life begins in the dark and then there's a rush to the light. And it hurts.

Some people I've actually met, and written with - out here in the blogsphere. I love those people. They know me mostly by my handle, and that's ok. Lately , the sphere has taken a huge hit from the forces of the industrial complex. Facebook, for example, locks all of your posts so that they can't be searched - like this one. You are generally limited to smaller postings because their editor seems to encourage paragraph style communication. Twitter is even worse, imposing an 140 character limit. The general idea being that many of those authors have either decided to get paid for what they write - and submit their work to editors and the influence of the industrial complex. Others have found themselves fragmented between the newer and less effective outlets of expression. However, quite a few still survive and to them, I just wanted to say - thanks for visiting.

To everyone else, I'm happy you found this blog and I hope you enjoy it.