Beyond The Horizon

My eyes are weak
the light brings endless transition
shadows and puppies
spin in the distance

I cannot see
if the world before me
is real

There is no measure
no sense of distance
You can be close
or far

I reach to your memory
and my hand touches thin air

My heart fades
each beat measured

One day my heart will stop
and play its final beat

One day I will go beyond
the things I cannot see

I suspect
even though I do not know
that day

Will be a day where I can be still
The people that have never been able to look me in the eye
Will stare
as do all

It might be a cool gray day
or heat
and sunshine

I am sure they will say
that darkness follows night

But I will see
a flash of light

and move in silence
beyond all horizon

Until then
If it's okay with you

The remote control is mine.