A Message to Americans

If you support donald drumpf, it's ok - you're a drumpfuck. We can work with you. We're not going to be that passive aggressive person who thinks that they are better off because they made one less mistake than you. In the end, as I write this, I still feel the same yoke of slavery to the arrogant financial elites - I still feel the slow and creeping police state coming upon me. I, as a Bernie Sanders man, am simply saying - let's talk. First, let's start off with the first amendment. First. * All puns are completely intentional.

The first amendment guarantees , among the promise of a secular government, the constitutional design of a United States free from Theocracy - and the free press , that somehow misses the now national and widespread rallies of tens of thousands of people while they air their news media entertainment propaganda - until 86,000 of them happen to show up from "out of nowhere, and all they want to do is stop someone from speaking" ... The first amendment - protects assembly to redress grievance . If you honestly - and please actually ask yourself this question.. if you believe honestly that this first amendment right only applies to one side of a rally is a completely drumpfuck idea. For you to helplessly whine about how people were "stopping a man from exercising free speech" as a result of last night's valiant stand against fascism and the enemy within - the peaceful protest that simply showed the vast numbers of the supporters of Bernie Sanders. There are two things you need to be aware of - first, the vast amounts of coverage that news media entertainment devotes to their darling Drumpf - was in danger of being co opted to the 86,000 men and women who stand with Bernie and stand against him. And second, Drumpf is not a hero. Drumpf himself cancelled his own appearance because it was a "business decision" and a "bad deal" to have the cameras actually record the 86,000 people cheering for what will be his opponent in the general election. Good Americans, peaceful protesters that were standing up to the violent, abusive drumpfucks attending the rally - the drumpfucks that fully expected drumpf to whip themselves up into a lather and let the cameras capture his outrageous acts of violence against the press (first amendment) , or men of color , or those who worship any other religion than theocracy (first amendment) - simply stood against that which we all stand against, and they stand not only for the good City of Chicago, which now glows with the warmth of liberty - but also the respect, and admiration of an entire country. So, as I said before - we have room for you in our tent, drumpfucks. We want you to know ..the calm, the cool, the collected - make better soldiers. The blithering idiot, worrying about his neighbor - endlessly raving and ranting and scapegoating the innocent - is a horribly confused man who will wander out to the battle field and be easily picked off in area of effect.

The stand against drumpf and his drumpfucks was the first simple statement: arrogant billionaires you are put on notice - our country is no longer for sale to the highest bidder. The yelling and screaming that you, the drumpfucks, the poor and misguided protesters who have fully bought into Drumpf's 20 year branding strategy of a small fingered, gaudy, financially unstable hotelier and steak salesman -who builds nothing, but sticks his name on underwear - will now no longer be afforded earned media that can be so easily exploited to continue your sharper image steak sales. But because some of you drumpfucks can actually understand what I'm saying, and are willing to apologize for making a mistake - I will give you the simple fact that Drumpf is not actually calling the shots.

Rest assured, Ivanka will be carefully working out something better today of a response to attempt to steer the brand of drumpf away from whining falsely about the first amendment speech "violated" or the idea that free speech in a democracy was somehow suppressed by good Americans standing up to him. She will make certain that nobody sees the fact that 86,000 people stood against her daddy and his tiny fingers.

Pray that you see the cowardly candidate himself in the light the protesters who stood against him, in peaceful assembly have now shone in light lit by the torch of Lady Liberty herself. Drumpf's true colors shown, he ran away like a little spoiled rich boy - the same little boy who inherited his business, and then bankrupted it four times because he didn't get his way. The same little boy that didn't like Megyn Kelly's questions in a debate and so accused her of bleeding between her legs. The same little boy with the little tiny fingers that he is so scared for you to touch that he constantly wipes them clean with antiseptic. The same frightened, scared little boy - who took those little sausage fingers, picked up a big stack of cash, and bribed Megyn Kelly to say that his campaign was a "Breath of fresh air" .

To all who support Drumpf - I do not question your support for him. In America, you may vote as you please. I ask you, however, to support the idea that somehow men and woman of all age, race, and color - may stand in peaceful redress of grievance - against the man with little tiny sausage fingers that he keeps waving to tell his misled supporters - to punch people in the face, the man whose fingers were too small last night to punch back, but big enough to point to hurt the innocent - the little tiny cocktail wiener fingers that seemingly are always pointed at himself to say how wonderful he is, how great a hero - the eenie weenie hot dog fingers that pushed the chicken switch. The fingers who were yesterday immortalized by Chicago Hot Dog company with the Drumpf special - a 3 inch long hotdog. Because, good men - last night's Drumpf rally was not cancelled or somehow muzzled by the good Americans who simply stood outside a cowan's gathering.

Instead, Good Americans, flying the Banner of Bernie, sent a single, simple, signal - that those who would have the power to wield institutional authority over us - must hear our voice. The American voice. The voice of 86,000 people. Not the voice of the man who paid off the news media entertainment reporter. It is now a hope, that in the unity called for by Bernie Sanders - that we , as a country , will no longer stand idly by while all of our money goes to people like Drumpf . We say this. Drumpf does not represent us. We say that we recognize that our system is rigged by men like Drumpf, and that we know it must be stood against, peacefully - but if not -then we Americans, brave - stand against it with strength.

We who are feelin' the Bern..truly , and honestly welcome those who now see Drumpf for who he is, and any men who do not run from danger, men who do not engage in whimpering about "security concerns" but stand up for a United States of America. Indivisible. Men who can help us to find our blind spots. People who want balance and fairness in government. Women who stand against the vile hatred. People of all religion, Islam, Buddhist, Christian - stand against fascism and theocracy. People who stand against the corporate welfare state. You , patriot, are not a man who will rally behind he who says that he is courageous but runs from his fellow countrymen from trouble like a spoiled, rich, whiny little baby. You do not wish tiny sausage fingers practised in the art of signing bankruptcies, illegal immigrant visas, and underwear - but cannot hold firm the reign of power in adversity. Republican and Democrat alike - now stand up to say. No more. #feelthebern