For Immediate Release - Hillary Clinton's Speech Transcripts


H. R. Clinton speech to Goldman Sachs, October 12, 2013
"Let's look into Dodd Frank and see what works and doesn't"

Flint, Michigan, March 8, 2016.
In an abrupt change of course for Hillary Rodham Clinton, today Madame Secretary released her transcripts of the speech made before Goldman Sachs, in October of 2013. This bribe acceptance speech, amongst a few others, was met by a total of 675,000.00 in campaign contribution, and was a glowing review of the diversity of the workplace of Goldman Sachs, and its operations. No single critical word was spoken of the institution, in regard to its role in the catastrophic collapse of the American financial system in 2008, or any mention of strengthening regulation against banking.

" First let me say - I'm a progressive who gets things done. Now, the banks didn't really cause this problem - we know that you have been playing fair, and we need to look at Dodd Frank and find out what works, and what doesn't. Banks have been working under regulations that have been outdated for years, and I will bring the same kind of business friendly regulation that My Husband and I brought in his two terms. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your 675,000.00 , and I want you to know that I praise your workplace diversity, and your work ethic. It's companies like yours that really get things done. When I say I'm a progressive who gets things done, I mean I'm working for you, for your interests here in Washington. "

" Now, since 1870 - which , I want to say, is a great year to start looking at the real costs of socialism - Goldman Sachs has been a beacon of capitalism. In 1906 , you pioneered the initial public offering - that great mechanism that, during my time as first lady - really offered great job growth and company growth all at once, for all of the fantastic tech companies that proliferated in our country. I really want to praise and encourage more initial public offerings, and as I look out over this sea of all different kinds of great employees here at your firm, black, white, asian, male, female, american indian - I see the great diversity that makes America what it is today. You should be proud of yourself . You are making American Great Again."

"Everyone makes mistakes, so in 1929, when your trading corporation crashed American financial markets, I want to say America doesn't hold a grudge - we all make mistakes, but we pick ourselves up, change the message, and move on. And just like in Flint, Michigan - I will dedicate a team of marketers to make sure that your message is well received and no one will look closely into your role in crashing our economy in 2008, and I'll make sure no one asks anything at all about how you transformed yourself into a bank holding company so you could be entitled to greater government protection. Because American government needs big banks like yours, and they are entitled to protection. In 2007, with your fraudulent transactions, you banked over 11.6 billion dollars on revenue of over 46 billion dollars on the heel of the housing and credit collapse. And it's your great insight that you set up short trades to bet against America, if she was going to crash. It's this kind of insight that helps guide our country to greatness. You ran to government for protection , and you got it. And you will get it from me. Your executives were members of George Bush's cabinet, and I don't see any reason why we should end that tradition of promoting the best and the brightest to cabinet positions in my administration. The Federal Reserve Bank paid you 100 cents on the dollar for your trading position with AIG. I'm going to give you my 100 percent in Washington! And when our great country bought 10 billion dollars worth of shares of your company, we made a great investment! I can see it now in the faces of the great company diversity and workforce we see here - Americans achieving the American dream through hard work and dedication. "

" Now, as I have said earlier, 'No Bank is too Big to Fail and No Individual is too big to Jail'. Let me be clear about this, to you - and please , Mrs. Ted Cruz - I know you work here so if you would - please be so kind as not to hold on to the transcript of this speech because if I ever had to face your husband in a general election this might be a little difficult for me to explain to my democratic friends, but we have to bring those liberals to heel. (laughter, applause) ... There's one in every family right (smiles)... So. Let me be clear. What I mean by "No Bank is too Big To Fail " is that we have to take an approach like I have done with hydraulic fracturing, or poisoned water supplies... we have to look at where a Bank is too big, and where it's just the right size to do what our country needs to do in the world of International Finance and Trade. Most of you know I strongly support the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement - I think it's one of the most wonderful pieces of trade agreement I have ever seen. Well, as Secretary of State , I came to some hard realities: other countries out there finance their big companies with large sums of money, and we need to remain competitive. Banks need to be big enough to compete, but we'll look at the places where they need to be smaller, and just like hydraulic fracturing - once I am done specifying where they are right sized, your competitors will be bite sized! And I know you're hungry, Goldman Sachs. So take a big bite out of America. You deserve it. Then, with blood running down your chins, and mine (laughter, applause) we can all take that great nap and relax, while our news media entertainment agencies let everyone know the details of this amazing trade agreement, and that justice has been served. And with a side order of slaps on the wrist. Several public ones! So get ready, because change is coming! Your competitors , and their awful irresponsibility are going to feel it! I've said before, and I'll say it again. I'm going to go after Lehman Brothers. "

Interruption: (inaudible)

"Yes, .. ? I'm sorry your name was .. Heidi? Heidi Cruz..?
I know your husband Ted, in the senate. We've worked together several times on many great pieces of legislation. He is a great man. Yes, Mrs. Cruz? Do you have a question. "


"The question was - Did I know that Lehman Brothers has already declared bankruptcy? Now, that may be . But let's face it. They were a super predator and we need to bring them to heel. My tough regulations against them will act as a symbol to other banks out there that no bank is too big to fail. Thank you for your question, Mrs. Cruz. "

"Now I'd like to wrap up , if we all can - by skipping the pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America, and let's all say a pledge of Allegiance to the United States of Corporate America. Because you and I both know those people in Michigan love us to say the things they want to hear - and with companies like yours,
and the import/ export bank, and other great Banking institutions like yours, we'll make something great in Michigan, and all over the world. I know there are some liberals out there that thing poisoning a water supply is a big deal - but let me tell you, it's a global, competitive marketplace out there and if we can , as I have promised, make sure we have a marketing team to bring those people to heel - we can restore our greatness in petroleum reserves, build our financial infrastructure, and with companies like yours - great, diverse companies that support women in the workplace - we will achieve the dream your founder, Marcus Goldman, stated in 1870 ... 'Dur Americanische Traum - The American Dream! "

"Let's make America Great Again"

At close of speech, a former CEO and former Secretary of the Treasury - led everyone in the following pledge.

"I pledge allegiance , to the Corporate Banks, of the United Corporations of the Trans Pacific Partnership. One trade agreement, for which it stands, with independent tribunal and secrecy, financial liberty, and profits for all. "

"Thank you , Goldman Sachs! Thank you! God Bless You and God Bless America"