Mary dark of night sky

The joy of seeing
a star crying
bleeding light across
a far horizon

The simple jesuit two thousand three fifty
to the place where a supernova
left a planet dying

buried deep within the surface of the small and burned earth
a record that you could read
that said

Don't forget us
And that jesuit priest, astronaut
falling to his knee

Or perhaps as I
standing in the cold dark night sky

Asking Mary
or praying

Why should an entire planet die
so that only one night sky could light

two thousand three hundred and eighty seven years ago
december twenty five

why did they have to die,
he wondered

but maybe. he just turned his head to the sky
and said

hail mary
full of grace
the lord is with thee

blessed art thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit of they womb jesus

holy mary
mother of god
pray for us ,
sinners now and unto the day of our death.