The Gutter

There are days
when you open the bag of dog food
and you find that little string
and pull it once, and the entire thing

Comes undone

There are moments
when your heart beats in your throat
and you know you cannot trust your partner
and you find that little hope
that keeps you going , so you get to work

And move on

There are people
who don't know how to fix the problems
they cause for themselves others
and you can't fix them

But they are your brothers
and your sisters

You take care of them
You live each moment
You fight each fight

One at a time
You are always just on the edge of disaster
Everything is in a whirl
You and I are not alone
It's a mistake to think we are safe
when we are not

The best we can do is to plan,
to hope, to carry out what we know

And to build upon every good thing
we can both accomplish

Without tearing down the accomplishments of others

But here is a warning
And I hope that you take heed

We are alone
in this vast corner of the universe

Zero gravity hurts you

Your bones grow weak
Your mind goes insane

Your legs thrombose
Your inner ear makes you want
to throw up

And if you do

The vomit sphere will float
Until it lands on something really


The old russian saying.

We are all in the gutter
Looking up toward the stars