I left my medical clone. In San Francisco.

In 1890, a few years before Friedrich Drumpf, Donald's real name - came to America , my ancestor was hard at work in the beautiful, alluring siren-city of San Francisco. I , personally, left my organ transplant 3 d printed heart in San Francisco and am currently hoping to transfer more of my organ backups there as well. But to continue.. from the mists of time... Friedrich Drumpf, after arriving in San Francisco, turned northward to later open and operate houses of ill repute, opium dens, and saloons in the Seattle red light district and thus the Drumpf family fortune was founded. This intergenerational wealth came from an awareness of beauty, and perhaps goes a long way to explaining the successful branding, but not deal making - of the Drumpfs. A branding strategy that today centers completely around the repetition of a false name that Friedrich Drumpf invented for himself the year before.

My ancestor, Madame Rentz - began her career 20 years earlier with Madame Rentz' Female Minstrels - a blackface minstrel troupe, partnered with a savvy businessman by the name of Michael Leavitt, and now in her 40's was a businesswoman with a focus to the import of the beautiful Burlesque from Paris to San Francisco. Yes, they showed the leg - with part of the stocking even not all the way up.

It is here, dear reader, that I will admit, that I am in rapt admiration of Dita Von Teese and her almost singlehanded revival of burlesque in America, and I owe a karmic debt to a friend of mine for buying me tickets and letting me see her show in real life. I owe this friend much, and I will repay her. So, to continue, my business-savvy ancestor was building out this burlesque company and in all likelihood herr Drumpf first arrived in San Francisco, toured that wonderful area near north beach and was inspired to start his own business. Now the details may be lost to history, but certainly we should point out here just how welcome to the banking industry Mr. Drumpf truly is - in New York City (not a single bank will lend to him) and a deal known as "Television City" that really tells you alot about the Drumpfs... It is not certain why Donald's ancestor turned northward after visiting San Francisco, with aspirations to build a red light district but I can offer that our family - who had arrived to America hundreds of years before and had been operating in North Beach, so close to little Italy, my elegant, attractive, 40 year old ancestor perhaps made it clear to him over a power lunch that he wouldn't start up a competitive business in North Beach. Maybe at an Italian restaurant. There are such good italian restaurants in North Beach. You should try them sometime. The food is wonderful. And when you make friends of Italians, especially Sicilians, they can be very persuasive, and kind.

I run a small business, I answer to my shareholders and my employees. I take my job very seriousl. Her job was to make gold miners happy. And so was Friedrich's. Nothing wrong with that. Please understand that though we are all of faith, business is business and anyone who looks at Trump should see a brand.

I would have loved to have been at that power lunch. As the icelanders have taught us, a woman with a sense of beauty and grace, it is often to employ unprecedented fairness and a sense of unforgettable strength the likes of which would make anyone want to look upon the old times of the wild west with fondness. And the modern day Scandinavian country.

I see this in Elizabeth Warren. And in my family , my daughter, my cousins, and my cousin's children. And of course my nephews who run around wearing spiderman muscle suits. My son. Who I am now reading this to. Rough Draft, of course.

I am not sure. I've tried as best as I could to piece together the facts. I would have liked to have met her. But Bernie Sanders?
He is a motherfuckin' sorceror.

So I had my one beer tonight, the one I have been saving for an entire week. A few bong rips. I'll be back to work for him tomorrow.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.