Here is the Diary , in full, that got me banned from Daily Kos. It should be now apparent just how far the Clinton Democrats are willing to go. They paid off the administrators of so called "progressive" blogs. The title of the post was "I have some serious questions now that Hillary has won it all"

I have some serious questions, now that Hillary has won it all. I hope you can help me to answer them, because they are really important to me.

1. If your toenail looks grody, but there’s a thin sliver of good toenail right at the base, is there a way to grow your toenail out so that the new toenail looks nice and pink and normal?

2. Why did Bernie Sanders phonebanking platform suck so bad on the last Super Tuesday? I mean, seriously — I logged in and couldn’t even make a single call. Super suck. Does anyone know the answer? We gotta get that thing fixed, I’m going to be seriously upping my phone bank schedule pretty soon.

3. Are the Clintons poly or just open? If so, should we have added Vince Foster to Hillary’s circle?

4. What about those Trump steaks! Has anyone tried the Trump wine?

5. Do you really believe that , on the “Walking Dead”, that “Neegan” or “Negan” is actually a person? *

6. Will Rick continue as leader when we all find out he’s been a fool for Jesus? **

7. On the Walking Dead — are “the saviors” actually just a bunch of scientists?

* I don’t. Negan is an identification of alignment. For example “I’m Negan” means “I stand up against evil” or something like that.

** I’m voting for the guy who spoke truth to power and stood up against the war. The black dude. (just like last time Hillary ran. I think the guys name was .. Obama something. Cool guy. heard he became the president, and Hillary lost...)

The only conclusion we can draw from this, is that Kos has been bought off by the clinton campaign, and he's pushing people around. I was there for a while, when I heard that a blogger resigned because he was being suppressed. Apparently this is how Hillary Clinton is going to attempt to have a "progressive" voice. She's going to get bloggers like Kos and pay them off. There's sooo much money flowing through this election cycle. Soooo many people are getting bought off. The country is soooo corrupt.

Please vote for Bernie Sanders. Please.