Pieces of comets rain down
the size of a house
every sixty seconds
in our upper atmosphere
we haven't noticed
because we misplace them
sort of like car keys
but that's where the ocean comes from

Abraham's wife conceived
at the age of three score ten and five
bearing a son
Named Isaac
That's supposed to be where you and I come from

Isaac was asleep
against cool grey sky
As Abraham held the knife
he looked out upon
an existential map
that said "You Are Here"
written in every single place
And then he heard a voice inside his head
well done
and well done is better than well said
And put the knife away
Isaac awoke and said
Are we there yet?

raised her children to be strong
and when in the dark
her child fought
a man or an angel
all about them
burning pieces of the sky fell to the ground


Anonymous said…
God said to Abraham kill me a son, Abe said man you must be putting me on....Highway 61