Why The Republican Primary Matters

The reason that the republican primary matters, this year - is that it indicates the complete fracture of what was once its party base. Where once moderate, and independent - rallied under the banner of fiscal conservatism, ecological stewardship, and social and political freedom - we now see a deeply divided group of people almost evenly splitting amongst several candidates representing radically different direction.

2012 is a clear beginning of the end of the Republican part in the United States. Even as we speak, lobbyists are attempting to remove the right of free speech in Chicago. The issue of lobbyism and the Republican party's tacit acceptance of such monied corruption has made it the party of welfare for the wealthy.

It can be safely assumed that it will vault to the top of its candidate list - a man who benefits from the same. Where the average citizen pays a strong burden of taxes - the republican candidates will all pay 15 percent or less.

The upcoming loss by the Republican party , in the General Election of 2012 - will spark a series of battles that will ultimately dissolve the party. This primary paints a clear and vivid picture of the different directions in which what we now know as that political party - will be torn, and roughly where it will find itself after all is said and done.