Thoughts on Life at the End

It will , in all likelihood
be a very passionless and helpless thing
to consider life at the end
of life

The spirit hungers for truth and light
in a living body, but as that light dies
a calmness might settle in
and to this
please listen

That the face of death will appear almost as a friend
his scythe cutting the strands of pain
until all feeling vanishes
He is not your friend

Death is a horrible price to pay
An evil act upon a soul
whose purpose is to delete
the living framework of being
where the soul can grow

It is a very simple thing
to be alive, just at the end
after all
elements transmute into element
without struggle
why would death be any different
in its approach

But even as you feel the pain
starting to flood your mind
and glow red
you must learn to hold these thoughts
and remember exactly what hurts
because it has a name
and though different parts of you suffer
you can still remain
and later


the sweet dream
of Morticia
and Gomez
colorless dance


Anonymous said…
morticia: so u still after all thes years, the old ball & chain?
Gomez: Forever!
Morticia: I'll get them!