News Media Entertainment - A Man's Visual Metaphor

I believe I have finally come up with a good visual metaphor, for Men, as to why so called news channels that do little but recycle failed political party talking points - the ones they send out in email every day - just really doesn't do it for me. Or for anyone, for that matter. Women, take heed - you might not really know what we're thinking about all the time. This may surprise you. Ok, so here's the visual metaphor.


News Media Entertainment:

Look, ok. I get it. She does it because she thinks it makes her somehow more attractive. More womanly? More of what she really wants to be? In looking at the advertising packages that the news media entertainment guys put up for sale - to corporations - one says that it "allows advertisers to target (customers) precisely".

I'm a man. It may appear, if you've read my blog, that I happen to be someone who's got a thing for Bettie Page. What turns me on most, I think - is the fact that she's pushing the limits of what she's doing - and she's having fun doing it. Bettie Page blazed a trail for other women. She was good at what she did.

I don't know about fake - it doesn't seem to really work. Most men secretly agree on this point. And you know, fake can mean alot of things. But in the end, fake is a decision.

News Media Entertainment is like a woman with fake boobs. Nice to look at, but in the end, it really only lets you know that she's so uncertain of herself she had to falsify herself. Fake the picture. She really cares that much how you look at her - and she wants you to tell her, all the time - that she is beautiful. It's a high maintenance type of thing that doesn't lend itself well to long term happiness.

So, speaking for Men everywhere. I would like to say - please , Women - do not follow the example set forth by News Media Entertainment. Tell the story as truthfully as you can. Trust me, there is someone out there that will be interested. Be yourself.

After all, that's who we fall in love with.