Auntie Viral

If you are in excruciating, mind numbing
tearing your hair out by the roots
slamming your head against the wall
rolling around on the floor
clawing at your skin

Here's a Clue
No one cares.

As loud as hell
a ringing bell
behind your smile
it shakes your teeth
and all the while
ears will bleed

so fucking what
go to work
there's deadline to meet

And if you can take a moment to reflect
in between meds that don't work
that you can cough so hard that it breaks a rib
and have a cold that doesn't go away
see if you can find a clue:
A virus somewhere grew
into something that keeps makes zombies
instead of killing you

An evil dwarf sits on your shoulder
hammering a number two pencil
into your ear

Your head spins
You vomit in the corporate bathroom
but walk out smiling, again

Into the house of fun
down the hall of mirrors
where a hungry, green woman awaits you with a prescription
in a house made of candy and gingerbread
and leftover antibiotics, blue green and red

She'll give you to you for free
if only
You could just climb into her oven
and get it

It's all the way in the back