Facts About Pacs

If you've been , well.. alive... you'll have noticed by now that lobbyists are holding unprecedented sway over the process by which American statesmen gain office. Thanks to the Bush Republicans, there's even an amendment in place that lets their corporate paymasters spend essentially unbridled amounts of money in super PACS. These organizations are dedicated to the legalization of bribery and the removal of voter's say in the democratic process. They do this in the same way as any other misguided corporate effort. They throw money at it.

In Virginia, a Candidate arose to power on the strength of his "outsider" qualities. In fact, he's trained to "go" outside. His name is Hank. Take a look.

But there's a storm brewing in Virginia. A money storm. The pro-dog super PAC , funded secretly by a half-border collie, is running a series of "informative" ads dedicated to bringing this early riser down.