Hunger Game

The killing joke
as I lay down
in the forest
that I have never found

Is that one single idea
shining above all else
not love
not hope
but symmetry

And the wisdom that comes from thinking
something no one has ever thought before
and discovering knowledge
that no one has ever seen

Perhaps the future of science is gaming
Perhaps the future of mankind is to be engineered

But the thin space between you and I
is dark
and full of stars
And the ebb and flow of the tide
sounds exactly like
the sussurus of wind through the trees
as an artificial night
falls upon an artificial day

The beauty of your body shines
each trace of your line
carries hope
and love
and a vibrant hunger

And here on this page
you are only one click away
from the entire world
each new word
a pulse
carrying a colorless glow
to our artificial hair
and skin
and eyes

All is fire
the water is wide
and the earth is slow
and the air is calm

No need for meditation
No Letters from Earth
When Moses' foot touched the water

Only then did the waters part
Fresh come the wind and tide

If America ever turns into Panem
Better instead she die