Ask A Lobbyist

Wonkette has posted "ask a lobbyist" today - so that if you have any questions, she's got an anonymous lobbyist, willing to answer all. If you wanted to ask a lobbyist what they do , to grease the skids.. what would it be? So, just to double up what Wonkette is trying to say please... if you have any questions at all about how things are being done in washington these days... ask her

Topics - how about banning anonymous riders? What was the effort involved in killing off that? Where is all this mystery money coming from thats flowing into the democratic party right now? Are you guys just flowing more money into them ? Do you actually write laws? Do representatives depend upon you for their constituency information? How many Lobbyists does it take to screw in a light bulb. Oh wait. Thats not a question. Well ok you get the idea. Enjoy.