Dream Academy - Life in a Northern Town

endormir - reflechir - vivre


Emilly Orr said…
Still an amazing vision, so definitely an art film, for all it's a music video.
Anonymous said…
Stop ignoring me and start posting again.
emily -

you will be furious at me for this post, because its going to change alot. and its only going to be about sleep. >:)

anonymous -

what? me worry?
Emilly Orr said…
Ah, but that makes it interesting.

So we started off with Dead Can Dance's "The Carnival is Over", I do believe, and now we're at the Beatles' "Good Night"...I think I'm somewhat eagerly awaiting what comes next.
i really hate the idea that this blog has to be all bout whatever random thought pops into my mind.
the ideas we collected up here hang together.

fwiw when i was little my mom used to play the moonlight sonata to put me to sleep.

the black swan comes.
Lola Starr said…
Hey tb! Here's the link to my book: www.lulu.com/content/870293. Definitely check it out. :)

Also keep me updated on the remake!
btw did anyone notice that in a former life i edited a magazine and it got inside me somehow?
who else would write a blog, then shut it down and start tying all the posts together to come up with a single narrative?

ex. the re-entrant for me for was through heyboy heygirl from july marked. --> then took off to chimerical mise enscene and tried to track down the book sex love and death by karma --> then saw "what am I". >:)
got it. or. go tit. if you type it wrong. or.. ok. anyway.

remake is on. i did mention that I'm bankrolling the mother at this point. go out of band here to turner.singh@atr.net <-- heavy spam
I will try to follow up with the requirement.

make the subject line something obvious enough for me to catch over the spam there and I will filter into a separate folder so i can hear you