Le Temp Detruit Tout

Dans le cine "irreversible", il est une message subliminal qui dite "temp detruit tout". C'est un bon film, certainnement, mais le phrase c' n'est pas correct. Le temp c'est simple - c'est un dimension. L'autre d'espace-temps. L'homme detruit tout.

Ne c'est pas?


KarmaLennon said…
I can only read enough of this to get a general idea of what you said (too much time since French class) but I liked "Irreversible"...Parts of it were hard to watch but it was good...I think there's a review of it somewhere on "Movie Slayer". Oh and I don't get to update there everyday. But I watched "Dead Silence" and "Drive Thru" last night so maybe they'll be up by Monday. Have a good weekend!