Stories told through color

Horses are the ultimate prey animals, and have been called man's best slave. They show up squarely on the list of every predator, as a sort of food group - right up there with prairie dogs, and bunny rabbits. If one is weak, they abandon it to save the herd. The alpha mare is a vicious creature that kicks and bites her subjects into submission. I once saw an inch deep hoof gash. We are kind to them by comparison, which is why they abide a 200 pound rider upon them.

A week ago or so I saw a horse, a small foal. He had just got out of supertox and was lying there on the floor of his stable next to his mother. He was solid white with a deep blue stain on his back leg. That was what had hurt him. Just one wound.

The young foal had suffered a gash in his back hindquarters from where the cowboy drained an absces; slashing the horse open with a buck-knife.. In our Georgia weather the infection spread like unsolicited email to someone signed up to hippie pay. Somehow, he made it out alive from supertox, after that. And so he was lying there. On the floor. Those who know horses know that they almost never lie down to sleep. Except for the young horses, but I had never seen a horse lying down in that way (I'm a relatively new cowboy all things considered). It was accident I happened upon him. I became curious.

The first thing I felt drawn to was the fact that his eyes had completely changed color from the infection. Once blue, the infection drove them to change color to green. This was bizarre to me. Green eyes. I drew closer to the horse and sensed that was no inside to this foal. The infections had turned the insides to mush. I come from generations of doctors; I lost my brother, I have known death. This horse was on its way. Not sure quite how I really knew it but I did. I wonder sometimes if my father, who is a thoracic surgeon - feels the same thing sometimes - Is fate truly inevitable? I wonder if sometimes he seeks to defeat it. If at times, triage is more about the doctors unbending will than that of the patients, to live. It takes a special person to be able to hold someone's hand when they've been hit by a car on their motorcycle. And listen to them as they die. Every day.

Naturally I spoke with the person at the stables. The owner, a mexican - thought it would pull out and it would be ok. She said she would send it down to mexico. I thought. A white horse in the mexican desert... They didn't listen, three days later the vet arrived carrying a silver hypodermic loaded with a lethal dose of barbituate.

We're not horses. They can't see things coming. And when people fall in love, sometimes they can't either. I think this is why people have crushes. I think their brain simply overloads the amygdala fight-or-flight response and generates a state similiar to constant fear. A state in which the adrenaline brings forth result. When you're in love, you feel like you're walking on air.

In the late eighties and early nineties a group of hackers called the Legion of Doom hacked the dept. of justice main computer here in Atlanta. Kevin Mitnick, a member, hacked the long distance switch situated somewhere near norcross by simulating a maintenance workers carrier frequency. The superfriends posted phreak and long distance code all over the then-blogo-secondlife space called bulletin boards. Although Kevin Mitnick was captured, the rest of them got away. It is said there was another group of hackers called the superfriends who were there at the time. I tend to forget who they were or what they did. But I can remember still the person who took charge of the computer system after the intrusion and his words .. he was a member of a focus group that I was a part of which, since my NDA has lapsed - happened to be about the US Postal Service trying to figure out what Email was all about and if we would be interested in paying stamps for it (it is a generalization of the conversation we had in the focus group, but at least semi-accurate to say this).... And I remember this person - he said "We took care of security. We removed the network cable. "

The superfriends are said to exist today. A very handicapped person I know said that they had contacted him once. I still don't believe him. I don't believe anyone who said they were contacted by the superfriends. I don't believe they exist anymore.

But in all of this, there is a threat, and a response. And what we share in common with prey animals - our ability to use language, our ability to bond and move in groups - we still maintain a healthy sense of predatory nature. The cable is ripped out from the wall. That will show them. Right? A horse would not do this. It would stare blankly at the problem and wait to be told what to do.

A person whom I had always wanted to befriend, I think - once wrote something about , if such a thing as a romantic dominant exists. She seems to be very into soft BDSM, and very public about her desire and her sexuality. She said to me once .."I think people are basically polyamorous". Her question was, can there exist such a thing as a top who can still be romantic?

I thought about this alot. I wondered if I was that person. After all, I am a top. But I think I am a top that fits into a new, and coming category in BDSM. One that does not transcend Gor, but rather extends it to a more strict interpretation. One that lifts it off the subculture domain and into the culture at large. It was already part of the lifestyle of the elite, after all. In the end, I decided that I fit into this new category and I was unsure if she was seeking that category.

Actually , this new category is more than just kinky sex. The romantic dominant, I believe, is that person who is , I believe. Riddick. of the films "Pitch Black" or "The Chronicles of Riddick". These films are not about sexuality to be sure. But there is a character in there, that is simply dominant. You tie him up with inch thick rope. He breaks out. Now thats killer. I like rope. Especially good climbing rope.

There's a place in SL called "Capture and Roleplay". I envy people that can make it there. I did play, but I assumed that the rules extended beyond the maze. So I made all my captures there in the lobby. I have to be able to play this way - where all of my senses are keen. Why wait until you get into the maze?

Thats an important point. Dominants drive souls back out of places like SL and into meatspace again. Honestly, its all sex with dolls. There are exceptions. For example, the shimmering beauty of human prey in Dark City is too much at times for a Dark Elf to ignore. Mischief kicks in. CCS in SL seems to be cool if you're into making people see God. I have to check with my friend the angel of death, on this point. He claims its better. I believe him. Capture and Roleplay strikes me as cheerleader. You have to add in the element of danger. RL play involves things that can kill you or hurt your loved ones. Why not call this new category of dominant - (R)(D)-dick. Romantic Dominant. And about six or seven inches long. About a foot wide. Muttuteki motomo fuki gatashi. >:) <--- solve that one, transliterated japanese.

Remember: Riddick sees different colors than the normal person. Language carries on in different forms. RD can hear the e-language you speak as well as the I-language. It acts like a rolling lie detector. Which I worked on actually at one point. Not a good one, but one nevertheless. See, people put color and tone into typed text. If you want to dig into SL relationships, theres a wonderful piece by the roadside philosophers called "Relationships in SL" (which, I am proud to say, one of my relationships was source material for - sorry - not bdsm but just sensual). One story in particular comes out: a submissive was once being dominated - and she was asked, what was she doing in RL while it was going. Her response was, "I'm breastfeeding my baby and watching TV." No doubt that dom thought that the breathless pauses in the text stream were of passion and not simply changing from the left to the right..>:) Again, don't place too much weight in it all, but its really important to understand in my view that e-Language is where my rules are written. It doesn't exclude Gor, it extends it. As it should extend our deadened senses. Perhaps good without evil is lack of balance. BTW did you know the ancient greek muse of balance, was called "Atalanta"

Yes. The final piece is now in place. Goodbye dear reader. I am through with you. As you are with me. And I am you and you are me and we are we together. >.)

A final point on language. We re-key our pitch on the fly. We shift the basis of our pitch around, our intonation changes. It is like a sea, where the middle is changeless form but at the shores we count the seventh wave and see pattern. Be tuned to this. And above all enjoy. Perhaps, In the end. This blog was nothing more than...

"Stories told. through color. projected by. sunlight. And the duomo. Just up the road. Is like the first cinema in italy.." - Bono, U2 - "Still haven't found what I'm looking for"

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