The story about Friday

Ok, my friday was messed up. The highlight of it was that I installed a wireless network and it went well. >:)

So I am heading over to the stables afterward, and Its a nice friday evening so I'm running with the horse down the pasture and then across the road, all hell breaks loose. Sirens. Cop cars. Fire engines. Fine. So for whatever reason, I ignore this and I decide at that point, somewhere in the middle of the pasture - that the horse needs to get a bath.

I am washing off the horse, on a hill by a lake where we have the ties set up - and then from across the lake I hear this unearthly wail, a woman's cry. It was both angry and sad at the same time, very unsettling. I sight through the trees - and I half-catch a view of three or four people at the edge of the lake.

She sounds like she is freaking out, but not being hurt. Then, from around the corner, comes the rest of the county contingent. - I finish off the horse and set her into her stall and then I head back over there and jump the fence and walk down to the lake.

Thats when I see the zodiac. And they're carrying a pole, a fifteen foot gaffe with a sharp stainless steel hook at the end. So I do the math.

The policeman hears from me the story about the cry and he starts taking down my name and asking me all kinds of questions. I am overdue to get on the road, but I hang around until dark trying to help out. The cop and I walk back up, he asks everyone questions - identifying people that were there at the edge of the lake, giving out addresses, etc. Because he's going to hand this all over to the detectives he answers very few of ours in return. They call off the search at dark.

I heard the next morning they pulled the body from the lake - someone who couldn't swim, in a rowboat, casting his fishingline and losing his balance. A man who spent his day getting drunk and then flipped the boat over while casting his line.

I remember the woman cried out twice. The first time, in frustration, almost it seemed. Kind of like frustration, anger and pain all at the same time. Then the second time... that one went right through you. It was unearthly. Just, something you might not forget. Thats all.