Herding Cats

I have discovered after brief success in at least finding good talent , that keeping it is much like herding cats. I cannot believe how many different personalities I have to deal with.

Quite possibly the worst personality I have ever had the pleasure (?) to have dealt with was a very sharp person who currently works for USD 500.00 per month. Definitely a smart cookie. Except for the fact that, she works for 500.00 a month. I thought I could help her to train up and I could margin her bill rate and quadruple her salary or more. So, my approach was "oh you're great! when I get done with you , bla bla ba". -- it was an ++immediate turn-off++.

This person exudes honesty and good heart, defiitely smart. She exudes that sort of quick wit and ability to understand a requirement - but she doesn't allow any element of human connection to develop. At one point in our discussions she told me that she had a problem with a severe sleeping disorder. It is also a rhythm in their demeanor. She blames it all on this. But nevertheless she is worth the while and I was able to get some work out of her, but not much.

Herding cats. :-/ Better to beat my own addictions down than to try to beat a herd of cats to go in any particular direction. Even if I am all alone for a week now I am going to double down and get to work and play a whole lot less. I am on teh verge of being made. Getting everything going in the right direction, and I will be made. made made.