The Happy Mondays

Herman's niece just won the Gold Medal at the pan am games yesterday in Brazil - front page , (right) . She went to school in douglasville, it was the 100 M dash. Wow.

The team of the dopler effect launched the miniseries. Un de ma famille helped to make the first one. >:). Its really decent. I just watched it. Do I look like the guy you see in the first frame? Seriously.

Finally to a Kidd I know. Seriously cool thing you did calling the cops that night. Too bad the cop in question was a member of your immediate family. Keep going, Kidd. Anorexia is a poor excuse for habeas corpus. Just because your dad is camping ain't no excuse for you not to join in. (to the tone of mickey knox / the diner scene of nbk)

My beautiful pet, which we will call "Rover". Seems to be addicted to the internet. He is posting some pretty poor stuff here on this blog. I have caught "Rover" also logging in to SL boning up ancient lore + hiding it in my front yard. I think its really ok. As long as he keeps it under control. Yesterday he was out in the backyard with my best friend. They were making a silencer out of duct tape and tissue paper and a coke can.

Does anybody else besides me, really, really miss Mist 1?


Anonymous said…
Hi, it's your Mom.

Everyone misses Mist 1. Mist 1 misses Mist 1.

Does spelling weird incorrectly make you weird or normal?
Ah. I see. So, you were reading mist 1 too. I know Mist was good but i never figured she was that good.

Wierd? No. absolutely not.
But then again. I am trying to be polite.

Are you morticia, of the addams family?
Ah just wanted to say to the kidd that she did good.

Sent him to prison. Now make sure its a ++federal++ prison. Thats the only one fit to hold him.

The drawback is that the bandidos won't hurt him as much. The advantage.

mist1 said…
Sorry you Mist me. I'm back. Gloriously tanned and not rehabilitated. Not even a little.