Tolkien and Origin

I have been reading as of late the tolkien books and also much of his later published work. It seems to me an overriding principle in the works that Tolkien is pursuing vivid forms and shapes that exist in the world. And not merely creating a symbolic system of language and storytelling that he felt was absent within Englands network of lore.

To be sure, the stated goals and objectives of Tolkien himself were just that. He wanted to breathe life into the old stories he heard as a child. For example, he was told the story of Pussycat Mews, when he was younger. It shaped and formed some of the writings and later character work around Telvido, a tall, black Cat overlord. And other visions of cats. Moreover, it seems that in his tales he is drawing from Norse mythology, greek and egyptian themes and also Celtic language and symbology - to create a sort of alternate series of tales of middle earth for England, that we can at once read and enjoy - and also appreciate for its ability to transport us to an alternate and somewhat pointedly mythological reality. One, in which for me, holds life lessons of humility, honor and a philosophy of action. One that always required us to think on our feet. He said himself he was doing this.

Tolkien has touched upon themes that of their nature and essence are as real as the basis of mythology and even religion that men worship today. And I believe, the origins of reality and myth. I believe there is a place where myth lives in us. And it is as real as the place in which it dies (see, attorney). All of the universe in one envelope.

This summer , in August. CERN will attempt the largest particle collision ever - in which they will attempt to extract the energy of the vaccuum. This is a particle that , is believed to be able to appear basically from , essentially , well, nothing. Ok. Its a big deal. You have dial up your atom smasher to "ludicrous" (its that setting just beyond "plaid" and "extreme") to get this experient to work. There are magnets on this experiment that are the size of two story houses, supercooled and in a ring miles in diameter . It is the biggest particle experiment ever. (apologies to richard scarry).

The the many-worlds hypothesis is popular these days with the stringers. They contend that there exists many, alternate worlds even as we speak. This is because the string theory people need lots of expansion terms in their mathematics to be able to deliver meaningful results. And also because they really do believe that there are alternate realities. Ask them. They will tell you.

There are alot of nice, and very negligible chances that cool things will happen. For example, the first is that a higgs boson leaves a black hole singularity in pair/antipair creation. This means a black hole will tunnel to the center of the earth. Turn the lights out when you leave, dear. There is also a finite chance that a field may set up in which the multiple universes may traverse one another or at the least, signal to each other that they exist. The truth is no one really knows whats going to happen this August.

In Tolkien, with work so vivid and well thought out I would argue that anyone who would seek to create a world should first seek to find the truth underlying the world around them. And that Tolkien, as a man, would never have flinched if he had learned later that his views of long lived peoples such as the elvenkind, or others - were based on alternate worlds that somehow interpenetrated our spacetime continuum. Perhaps this summer we will get a chance to ask them for ourselves..