I was biking the trail today at dark and I totally bit the dirt. There was a guy in one of those sort of really low, three wheeled numbers and he was rollling along in the dark, it was like 9 o clock or so.

I'd done pretty much a sprint at that point except for the run, its about 12 miles out to the pool then I did an hour in the pool. So I was tired. Well the guy is a shape in the dark in front of me, and I'm moving behind him so I say "on your left" and he is startled. He veers left

I avoid him and decide to ride on the side of the trail. Big mistake for a roadbike. Front wheel gets caught, flipped and the innertube pops. I'm thrown right sliding the bike against the torque and my arm hits the pavement as the slide ends. Big cut.

Its pitch black and I'm collecting myself. I call out "I'm ok" but the other rider is long gone. So I can't change the tire. Its blown, my kit is under the seat but its very dark. And I dont have any running shoes because this bike has pedal clips.

So I pick the bike up and start running. Barefoot. I'm about 3 miles from the end of the trail and towards home, when I stop and head into a convenience store. I break out the kit and change the tire and the CO2 cartridge is shot. No inflate. So I'm looking at the kit and just thinking what to do.

Finally I just throw the bike on the shoulder and run. I make it home later. Food tastes so good when you're really tired. Passed out asleep. Long way to go for the triathlon at the end of the month. Good times. Head trip made me push it hard. Too hard. No fun running with a bike on your back. Note to self to test ea. co2 cartridge I keep in th' kit. And wear a helmet. When I was younger someone actually made a safety video out of one of my skateboard runs because I wasn't wearing a helment - I was the example of what not to do. Fame. Its an iron mask.