The Hits Keep on Coming

Did a run in piedmont park today and fell hard . Took a shortcut down a hill from the playground, and jumped down onto the road just to the right of Willy's mexicana grill, about a half block in back. There is a small depression there. I flipped into the air. I turned into it in mid air and hit my left side just above the shoulder and ducked my head away from the street and it caught around my left shoulder and when my leg came down, my left leg just above the knee. It was radical . The only thing I am upset about in retrospect is that I shouted out great big "FUUCK!!" and then about three seconds later when the pain subsided enough, another choice word. I got up and the police officer was standing in back of me, arms slack and I just got up and kept running. I was listening to metallica. Heh heh heh heh. Of wolf and man.

For some reason today the hits just kept on coming. My stablemate had her horse out in the ring and it bucked at her, as horses will do. And so she loses her temper and just pressures both sides and takes the crop out onto her horse and the horse leaps forward full speed, slams into the side of the ring. She flies up and over the horse, feet caught in the stirrups. This is, in classical physics .. to create a .. moment. And so she flips forward and her head hits the outside rail. BAM! And then she falls on her back. I am shooting shit with one of the guys I hang out with when the cell call comes from the ring so I use my running powers to get up there. I have like, medical genes so I'm checking her out. Big hematoma, no disorientation. It was out by about an inch following her skull line from around the top of her right eye and to almost an inch before the line of her ear. Now, what you do here is remember that brain injury always has a kind of cognitive cost because the brain is wrapped up in like, this thing called I think the menses which is supposed to be some kind of membrane and its supposed to be tough. So, any tear in that will cause pressure change and that usually results in a concussion and disorientation. Now in this case, she's good all the way around with that, cognitively. Everything on the outside or just hairline on the skull. So I tested for hairline fractures , which is you can put your thumb down ? And the moon of the thumbnail turns white? Ok. Yeah, so thats the pressure you want. Because on a regular situation, with no broken bone, that much pressure should be enough to be completely ignorable. Try it. But on a broken bone you have pinched nerve endings. In these cases where there is possible brain injury just use as much pressure as it takes to make the thumbnail white just on the outside of the perimeter of your thumb and not all the way to the moon. Alright. Skull has plates, and the plates are interconnected so pressure on one side should be enough to pinch nerve, so I go around the compass of the injury then right about on top. The top part, she really pulls back. Broken bone, it really hurts = the nerve really gets pinched hard and they feel it. They will start. And thats what she did. So I got her down and we sent her off to the hospital. My friend Ernie took the horses down after he'd gentled the horse. I said gentled, not broke. Some people say broke.

A horse always measures you. If you believe in the horse, you have to be able to get back on that horse and ride it. This horse had a high head and never really gave in. Seven owners, in seven years. And the funniest thing? It took like, seven months for the behavior to show. I'd say thats a king we can work out but her husband, who had a quarter horse that broke all his ribs - was not in the least bit pleased. She had been a chemo patient and had been in complete remission but parts of her insides were fused , literally from all the radiation treatments. So we always watch her and help her with things like carrying water, when we can, so she doesn't tear from the inside. She spoils the horse, gives it treats. I don't give mine treats. I don't believe in them. I think you can love a horse too much. I am always trying to find balance. I don't hit when I'm angry. Thats why you never want me to hit you. I actually sort of destroy myself a bit when I'm angry, mostly related to OCD type things like not letting go of a bet on the table when I should. I hate losing. Thats the thing that makes me the most angry. My horse senses she's got a job, she's going to win me ribbons, thats it. We couldn't event this weekend unfortunately because she'd picked up an awful bite mark in just the wrong place, and she wasn't ready. That was our turning point in our relationship, she and I. I just stood there and felt and really believed , that hey, I don't need this. And she knew I loved her so much and I think she knew I would give her up if she misbehaved. It was a quiet moment a man can only have with his horse, no other. And I am sure she was frustrated with me, the person before her said she couldn't be ridden. She just didn't have anyone to really believe in her. So there it was, she knew the score. It was a reckoning. Now, my horse has kicked me seven times, almost threw me once. Threw my son during a lightning storm when a bolt hit near (+ the kid landed damn good) and she threw my daughter so hard she bled (she was frightened, again, by two horses that charged her). In all of this, we have always maintained an understanding that I won't take any shit from her. She senses that somehow, I'm good for her. I truly care for her. And I completely adore her (its the truth, which is sad, because I also hate horses and dont want anything to do with them, so I can't still quite figure this out. ) I don't show it, but it comes out in our work and our play. She lowers her head and nickers huskily when I arrive each day. And I always pat her velvety nose and then reach over and hold her head and sniff her just behind the ear, deep. breathing in her scent. Its just something we do. She comes when I call her name at speaking voice level from almost 400 yards away. I work with her every day, more than anyone else at the stables. I must be out of my mind. Oh well, when she wins bigtime and tests out double homozygous positive, I will sell her to the fields as a breed mare.

The goal is to take it easy tonight and not try to ride or run. It's popcorn and "epic movie". Maybe later, go in-world - I never get in until late, and I stay really late. I dont trade any of my RL time for SL. SL would suck otherwise. .NET experienc when the scripting language switches over from LSL to .NET (mono)will help to give Turner Singh focus. Right now he's a total slacker.

So I am unfortunately at present starting to rack up injuries. Bad fall yesterday, today. How many body parts do you think I can lose before I really have to quit?


its all about drugs, take a drug to fix a problem.