Some things I've done.

Just some things I've done on the side for the past year or so. Design work, here mostly.

    Cumberland United Methodist Church - Website + Web application. Actually I will tweak that design a little today. Nice work, this was a requirement that we hit right, right from the first comp. We designed it to be multicultural and open. Open Minds. Open doors. A nice church.

    - JIC-Elco, a company that installs laboratories, cubicles and offices. Based in New Hampshire. Nice people. They're doing the work for Scientific Atlanta right now on their new setup. Took them to the driving range once.

    Anita La Raia - Anita, once Wine Editor for CNN, now teaches wine. Believe it or not you can learn alot about wine. I keep a bottle or two for an investment (think Chilean wines are going to go up) but its funny , I don't drink at all. And Over the years I am slowly learning about wine. Actually I take that back when I lived in Northern California I aquired a taste for wine. I just never drink it as a matter of practical course, I don't even drink coffee half the time. I seriously thought about walking into an LDS church the other day just to see if there were others suffering like me. Remember that old joke by Johnny Carson?
    "Friend of mine, gave up wine, red meat, and chocolate. He was healthy as an ox... until he shot himself in the head. "

    PWC Tours - A jet ski touring company. Those things are alot of fun. They really rely on this site. We hosted it for them for a while. I did some nice work on this. Ecommerce. Booking. Email List management. Its all there.

    Ah. whatever. There are about ten more. You get the idea. We helped some, sort of get off the ground and really like the direction they took - for example, we did a big ecommerce - almost ebay type thing and site for a landscape architects firm, who eventually took some of what we did , mostly built up the rest and made a very, very cool website. Jon Benson and associates. see also Brian Moss, he did the graphics.

Actually better on the back end but this stuff is pretty visible and fun to look at . That was the plan at least. Ah. Well I will probably post the rest of what I've done at some point here. I don't have anything better to do at six in the morning. I missed a mail deadline yesterday because I fell asleep, my damn tire blew out and I had to run back with my bike on my back. You know the wierd thing was the whole time I made the run back I was thinking about some evil things I want to do to people in second life. I have a vampire, for example, in there, who took a friend of mine as a sex slave. I want to hurt him bad. So its a seven mile run with a bike on your back and the whole time your mind is just drifting around like... "so, if I use a deformation transform on him, can I script it into a boxed gift set so it happens when he opens it?" stuff like that. Either there's something wrong with me or I've seriously changed as a result of that .. game? ... But I actually made a decent pace. In socks. Black and blue.. And who knows which is which.. and who is who