Eros Tense

Eros tense is the verb conjugation which refers to a combination of three tenses - past, present and future.

I've thought about it since I'm getting ready to write a wikipedia article on it, and the best possible idea I can convey about this kind of a tense (which was used extensively in the bible) is that this is the present, but with recursion.

So for example, you can describe the state of say, someone planting a kiss on someone. You can say "She is kissing that wolf man on his furry forehead".

So Eros tense, think of it like the fractal sense (?) , will be that kiss with recursion. Lets say.. "She (is/was/willbe) kissing that wolf man on his furry forehead."

Does this make sense at all? A person I know in SL that is a GT professor IRL said that it is common to find words in ancient text to be conjugated without tense, that is, the word "IS" for example simply being the only verb that exists in the finite vocabulary of the primitive language - and context determining the usage. This is correct and historical / etymological considerations can be drawn there. This is true.

I was just wondering, though... what if we had a compact way of saying things like that. for example I could say, to my puppy dog "I love you" and he would look up at me and hear of course "have some dog food" but wouldn't it be nice to be able to say, that I love you, I've always loved you, I always will love you.

I think maybe if we could say it with scripting language? I mean if there was a way to say that in pseudocode, what would it be? in PERL, += ? hmm..


Nevermore said…
hi turner, i really enjoyed this post...unfortunately, once i got to the part about your puppy, and the 'i love you' part, all i could think of was 'blah blah blah GINGER blah blah blah GINGER' ('far side' reference there)...and i hope mist1 comes back...i couldn't begin to imagine feeding her to my cats...