Fund. The. Experiment.

I see the best readers in the world here. Just grade A number one USDA approved. Submit! Don't say "hiss not my chob!" . You have to submit completely and willingly . And . When I say submit. I. mean. submit. To eternity. Act now. Operators are standing by. Subspace ticket not included. I ride the invisible pink unicorn. I grab her mane. She neighs.
  • Poetry: Rattle The 2007 Prize. 5,000.00 USD. 10 1k second prize/ and honorable mention. 16.00 entry fee, covers cost of subscription 1 yr. Deadline: August 1. Electronic Submission ok.
  • Prose: Glimmer Train Fiction Open. First prize, 2,000.00 USD. 2nd Prize 1k. biannual publication contract inclusive in first prize award, one year (likely non renewable) contract. A story of any length and theme. Entry fee 20.00. Deadline: July 15.
  • Prose: National Book Foundation National Book Awards. 10,000.00 USD , three categories: poetry, fiction, creative non fiction. Four second place in ea. category, 1k award. Must be scheduled for publication this year (rainbow books publishing is probably ok) before November 30, 2007. Deadline for submission is August 15. Entry fee 125.00.
  • Prose: New Millenium Biannual contest. 4 prizes of 1k ea. Fall deadline tbd. See website for details.
  • Prose: Opium Magazine biennially awarded, this years prize: 1k, plus publication. for an autobiographical essay of less than 500 words. Daniel Handler is the judge this year. Google him. Deadline: July 11.
  • Poetry: Spill de wine, take dat pearl - 1k prize for a book length collection of poetry. David Hernandez is de judge. Manuscripts length 48 to 64 pages. 20.00 entry fee will include the cost of a copy of the winning book. Deadline July 15.
  • Poetry: Literal Latte . 1k, 2nd prize 300.00, 3rd. 200.00. Deadline July 15th. 2000 word maximum. (thanks karma lennon!!)

Off to my day job, where I will work to make the word "SLACK" a part of the HTML tag system and document type definition.


Lola Starr said…
Lol, love the video. Reminds me of a cross between Tom Cruise's character in "Magnolia" and a series of dream I had about the end of the world.
Hey Karma can you do me a favor and track down the literal latte contest for me?

pls. pls. <-- pitiful male begging
Lola Starr said…
That was indeed pitiful begging. ;) But here it is:

Poetry-2000 word max
Deadline: july 15th
1st: 1000
2nd: 300
3rd: 200

There's also a fiction one but the deadline's not till next year.
ty - updated. Lets win one of these contests. what are you going to try? the 500 word one looks accessible..
KarmaLennon said…
Probably Literal Latte and Rattle. I've been wanting to submit to Glimmer Train for awhile but I don't have any short stories in the works that I can finish that quickly. Also I can take a look at scripts if you have them. I used to be part of a sketch comedy/improv group called "Nuns in Straitjackets" and so have written sketches for them. That's about the extent of my script writing though. But if you have projects coming up, definitely let me know. I also do acting...did I mention that? ;)

well the deal is we want to do a remake of 'pale rider'. my uncle does. but he's letting it die on the vine. we light it back up, we win. I am something of a wordsmith meself.

here's my uncles latest thing

hes the one at the front of this.
he did the intro trailer. sam hennings. the pale rider thing is his idea, he thinks he can get it funded but he doesnt have the material to get it off the ground.
we do some amv and amateur work and get it there and we get a cut

he thinks a. kittman ho would be interested.

actually you know i did the first version of that website up there but now its done by some punk ass dude not sure his name. please complain loudly about the design so that i get my uncles contract back. i think one day I'll figure out how youtube streams so nice

think its h.264 something stuff.
half the reason I always have one around. anyway.

Thanks karma. y. no NDA for this stuff because Time Warner owns Pale Rider lock stock and barrel but our remake of would be substantially different so as long as we're talking above board
on pale rider we can say what we want.

that scene where preacher... corrects... the misconceptions... of belligerence in the township.

all time classic if you ask me. hope I never see it on movie slayer.
ps we need to make sure if we do all the material and get it off the ground that we own it enough to make sure we keep our cut.

i have two actresses that can support. one hispanic looking, but actually native american. other really , really white. (whiter than amber dalton if thats possible to imagine. blonde.) probably better to take this offline sometime. got any samples of your work that can be blatantly ripped off ?
I meant