The rules are simple

The rules are simple, we start with definitions. Fuck here means just what you think it means. But it also means something else. Because the context is the fuck of my entire life . And that means we go to the ++atomic++ level with this.

Since very ancient times , people have asked questions about the nature of the world and the position of man in creation. They considered matter as composed of atoms, cells constituted by energetic elements, organized according to mathematical formulas that define the various elements under relatively stable and permanent forms.

Life was based on code, that existed, only temporarily - much like all your old code on your old floppy disks. The mediums change. The code adapts. Once code is transmitted , ie. DNA, in the process of transcription , itself is destroyed. Sometimes the purpose is to destroy the cell with programmed death. Other times to create new capabilities, or organize cells. Still others provide us with neat little Turners runing around and getting into lots of trouble and making their mom chase them down and bring them back home. And then , when they get old enough - praying that they are strong enough to make their own way without you. And then maybe even enjoying your own life? Much of the rituals and practices surrounding who we are socially are based on the ideas associated with the careful expression of DNA. No marrying your sister. And the quickest way to kill off sex is to make it all like kissing your sister. Women are as sensitive to these things as men - which is why I can get wood sometimes from a well hit drive down the fairway, and also why sex is pervasive in our culture as a means of marketing. And why the pussycat dolls sell records. But acknowledgement of that essential incompleteness does not necessarily position us well to understand the final expression of perception, memory, and language. Haven't you ever wondered how little ones learn language? There is no formal education. Do you need to be taught how to have sex? Instinctive behaviors are important. And you should listen to them. The trick is to be careful about all the bullshit you set up around in your life to mask it out - the life and mores that exist only temporarily don't necessarily yield that easy sollipsist view that "things are as you perceive". utter nonsense. the world has hidden rules. follow them, exploit them, and be bound by them or disappear into chaos.

During each link, its brief existence, each link needs, for its own substitence and self transmission, to consume energy, to nourish and protect itself. Furthermore, existing only as a species, beings form interdependent networks and communities and must observe rules of social behavior. And in the case of soft bdsm, other rules that are defined in the course of play and kept as a matter of honor or contract. These obligations protect the species. They are not unique. So doggy style is definitely on the table here.

Life necessitates three kinds of activities: to assure its survival, its means of existence, and its nourishment; to realize its reproduction , as in sensuality and desires, and the rules by which they are expressed; and lastly, to establish rules of behavior that allow different individuals to perform their roles within species play. In human society this is represented by three aims: material goods, to ensure survival, erotic practice assures the transmission of life, and rules of behavior , a moral nature to ensure the cohesion and duration of the species.

A belief in a future life, is kind of a wager. We won't go there for now.

What is common so far to everything here is that it all applies throughout all of life in general. Dogs signal their play, by splaying their front legs before they take a play action (ex. bite on the ear). Once they have telegraphed their intent, they will then be bound to bite on the ear. If they do not bite the ear, they are weak and ignored. If they bite too hard and cause blood loss, they will be ostracized. In effect, dogs punish other dogs if they lie to ea. other. This means that they're +dogs+ and not +humans+ and it means that the rules that they use are +universal+. In short, ethics is universal. Bullet the blue.
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