This is a review of a book I purchased today, that is published by vanity press. The title Sex, Love and Death (abbreviated LSD here) would cover , one would think a book about the eternal bind between the need for humanity as a species to reproduce and the curious reasons why the ineffecient and dangerous method of sex is the mechanism. That is to say, a nerdy science wonk such as myself would think of things like this first. Thats because when I see a cute girl at the bar, I think about Nash Equillibrium Points. And thats why I don't just want vodka.. I +need+ vodka. And not just a little glass of vodka. A great big double glass of vodka. With very few ice cubes. And a sparkler, please.

When the genetic clock fires into us its first salvo of hormones into us to awaken the need to hang out at the mall, or scan more carefully the natives in National Geographic, or otherwise tune into the idea that the opposite sex is worth spending some time with. - the new world where kooties go to disappear (to the tune of "in my room")

Luck has something to do with this. If anything, the author does touch upon loneliness. For example, a friends entire intro into the world of relationships was that he tried to kiss a girl +once+ and immediately thereafter , she, like joined the convent. That was tragic for him. He hides it in not too particular ways. So he's at mass every morning at six am. I wonder if he'll ever shake it off. I think I could. see : double vodka.

So at any rate, when genetic trigger fires, there is an inevitable phase of not so cute meandering around until you learn usable technique. And it has been my experience that this is where some women end up being marked just as inmitably as my friend above. Men are largely immune, after all - its that old story about which is worse, a weak dom or a lost pet. A weak dom, of course. But the lost pet suffers more.

There is an inverse relationship betwen self esteem and sex. They say. Men of high self esteem are promiscuous, and men of low self esteen play world of warcraft at home alone. And how, women of high self esteen are usually somewhat chaste and women of low self esteen are promiscuous. Then of course, there is my category - which involves men of low self esteem, preferably your husband, being dressed up in superman underoos and made to sit there in the room and watch us. Ok. JUST KIDDING.

Love is likely at least part of that emotion that likely binds us to one another long enough to raise young. I know guys who took whores, and after they were done, had felt this sense of going back to be nice to them. So there you have it, we chase down our genetic code and try to help it express... even if we leave it all over someones tits. Note to self: praise the lord and keep the faith. So Love Sex and Death.. Thats got to be worthwhile. So much for background.

The author of Love Sex and Death took alot of chances in her publication of this work. She writes with abandon. Would this publication be a good addition to your bookshelf. Yes. But first its time to give the author the spanking she deserves. There be flaws, dear reader. Lets see where the old flogger lands. We'll count three here.

The first is an ee-cummings like disposition to the use of layout ; abandonment of the formal paragraph block style. At one point, like the headings of a spreadsheet, she lays her work out in six columns across the page. Also of note is that the work strays to themes of separation, and of reaching out across social bonds. A short cycle of one letter titles, ex. "for S" , "for J" etc. that look suspiciously like they have been inserted for the enjoyment of her friends. The work seems to be autobiographical in nature but the themes are abstracted; however in some cases promises are made. For example, the author says she would be the ultimate hippie. My advice here would be never promise anything in a book about love, sex and death.

Also, the reader is (not very often) jarred out of the harmony of the work by something more or less north of "and everyone got hit by a giant peterbilt" as an ending line. This was intentional and is a signature style that appears in about 20 percent of the published work here.

The author's best work, however, centers itself lyrically and maintains a sense of separation, loss and beauty throughout the piece usually ending on a general theme of separation or isolation. It is as kind and beautiful to the reader, as likely the author is, herself.

Being the editor kind of guy that I am , however, I have to draw attention to where the work can be strengthened . For example, A poem - "life" seems to accept the "highs and lows" to characterize a chaotic pattern of life. Life is not chaos at all, even though it does seem so. See : Ilya Prigogine / wizard of time.

But on to the strengths. Very few works make me black out with happiness. I read it, and it knocked me flat on the floor. Made my way up to the second floor and faded back into the world ready to write the review. It was great. Really that good.

There is in LSD a vulnerability here that definitely is expressed in the most beautiful ways. Sensual. Compact. It stands on its own - the various elements work the overall expression of identity, and form - and leave us with a wonderful, if dark, sense of the finite nature of life and love, without boundary. Or edge. My favorite place to be. I like this work alot. Final score[ 7.5/10] - The authors blog .


KarmaLennon said…
Hey! I did like the review, thanks very much for it. I'm glad I got a 7.5. :) Sorry I have not been commenting much lately, I have been busy editing my novel. I'm trying to get it done soon. But yes, I had figured out you're posting style. I enjoy the-what do you call them-"easter eggs"? In the other fonts.
about 56 of them. There are others hidden in the images. In fact, I hide my poetry using stego.
So the images you see sometimes have hidden messages. I try to help you find them.

Hey really LSD was good. Iliked it a lot. TY Karma. Will you sign my copy?