Play muffled drums and title your posts with a space character (to get that nifty lost title effect). I got my notice today from burning man and they knocked my camp down. :( Even more sad is the fact that somehow, as a result, is that I am currently humming to myself. "ding dong, the witch is dead".

For this failed camp plan approval, which was completely in accord with burning man principles, at least - I submitted a not completely to scale - layout that only showed relative positions of stations in the camp plan. It didn't have a decent leave no trace plan either - I did not discuss in detail, how waste would be dealt with + I also did not carefully outline my materials - I think an installation that you can do a zippo raid on would probably be a good idea next time. A final factor may have been that it didn't have a chill dome associated with it. After all it was the freaking desert. But the good news is that I don't care. I am still working on the device I was going to bring out there ( something that gives you a different voice, its kind of neat). The deck was stacked against us, thanks to the manufacturer to ship, on Aug. 15th. I found this out three weeks ago. So I will still work on the thing. And I will get it done. The burn is for everyone not just me. >:) Its one less thing. Live and learn. So post a comment or else I will kill this dog.


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