Things I need to carry

Tomorrow is the race. I will camp out tonight. List by object class.
  1. Illumination class: methods: Illumination.fuelsource(Hatchet) . Illumination.lightsource(matches,candle,flashlight)
  2. Shelter class: shelter.Sleeping bag. Shelter.Tent.
  3. raceFuel class: raceFuel.race(snax)(hotdogs)(drinx)
  4. alarmClock.destroy()(garbage collect) destructor
  5. gear class:, shoes, tools, helment, pump), gear.swim(goggles, cap),, heart rate monitor)
  6. lastRites class: lastRites.holyBible(phillipians 4:13), lastRites.harryPotter(about page 110, how about you?)


Anonymous said…
next time carry your brain, moron