Don't count your boobies until they are hatched

I was met in SL last night by someone, who happens to be the only person - whom I even faintly am familiar with in real life (RL).

We met at a really cool place (my discovery of course). Wait. Strike that. It wasn't cool. It was BEAUTIFUL. It was the lair of Myradryl, one of the first denizens of SL and the first mermaid. She is a lady as true and wondrous as all of SL itself and her lair was a delight to see. Situated on the shores of the ocean, with the sound of the waves in the distance - it was just. wonderful. I love the ocean. I always have. Myradryl really did a number with this build, it is a graceful tribute to Lord Neptune.

In my career, I have had some experience with spaces that were precursors to SL - in regards to the raw and steamy aspects of the metaverse - I can say that i is not true that an anarchistic society devolves into chaos in such places. No, democracy and social structure will evolve. If you are there, it will be one of the neatest thing you will ever see. I am very excited to be a part of SL and to be working on one of the largest and most detailed builds there (a first age tolkien sim). And also why I deeply respect concepts of nobility there. Myradryl. Shijuro Romulus. Torley Linden. My Lord Villian Ely. Phoenix Seelowe. All nobility in the finest sense of the word. It is this inevitable sense of what happens next, and honor, that drives me to spend the majority of my time preserving order, extending the rank of nobility , and scaling it up to first life. SL is a place where we can build more than just fantasy. America is not an open, and orderly society just yet. We have work to do , coming to that place where the bonds of virtue, integrity and fealty hold greater sway than empty bling and another CVS pharmacy on the corner to go spend money in. I do what I can in my own small way (I am working on the transformation of voices, from gender to gender and human to non human).

But. Like I said. The most beautiful place. Pirates beware. >:)I was lucky to have met Myradryl before my meeting.

Sad to say. We see none of it. So emotionally charged is this meeting, like all others. Of course, I was slightly tired. I had just finished working with a schoolteacher who was so excited about SL she brought her class of little ones into it. Not cool. A nice piece of investigation, this. Especially considering no one can really know who you are.. Now by little ones I suspect we didn't get them all but one we know for sure. A sixteen year old - I secured her promise to send him to teen SL. Where adults are not allowed.

Tragically,all of her friends were destroyed and their accounts locked out. She was far more upset than this person of the meeting of which I speak here. As usual, I calmed her down. And I recruited her help in getting those individuals over to Teen Second Life, which is a better place for them because I knew all to well that the young kid will just create a new account under a new email address and be in again under another alias.

When the call came through. It came through two at once. This is becoming a problem as my friends list gets deeper. One of my favorite persons was preparing to take me onward to play.. and get some neko skin ...(we would be tigers..) ... so my thoughts were there, and also kind of mellowed out..

Now, the good lady who wished to speak with me, is all from "rl" really there is sl, rl and cl. I guess. (craigslist). I hope I helped wean her away from the toxic garbage that goes on in craigslist. I definitely introduced her to sl. She is a good person and it is easy to see. She reminds me of someone I knew once. There have been, like four times in my trying to get to know her where it just simply doesn't make sense how hard she comes down on me. This was the conversation. Really charged, remember. I am hangin on her every word.. it goes like this..

    Me: So, er. I am type A?
    Her: Yes. We are both type A.
    Her: And that is why we are incompatible.
    Me: Ah. Does it matter that we haven't talked to each other yet.?
    Her: You annoy and frustrate me. See? Take a look at this conversation.
    Me: Oooo... kay! (thinks of odious household chores he has to do)

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. I am +not+ that good with conversations about things like "heres why you will never be my friend". Seriously. Try to think about it: If you're having a conversation with someone about "why you're not compatible with them" how the FUCK are you ever supposed to be their friend. Its like this:

    You: Hey guess what? I saw this neat bright shiny thing today.
    Her: We're not compatible. Why are you stalking me?
    You: Stalking you. No. Just saw this bright shiny thing. Thought we might..
    Her: Gah. You have verbal diarrhea. Leave me alone.
    You: Ah. Ok. well.. so long..
    Her: See? I have such fun conversations with everyone else but you.
    You: Err. um. Ookay. (thinks of odious household chores he has to do ..)

I am on a friends list now about 40 deep in SL. None of this, thank god, actually comes from my current ah.. role. ( Lets say.. if someone says the word "evil" in a room, I usually say, "Yes?". Its a problem at parties sometimes. )

So at any rate I get into a lot of seriously cool situations in there and love to share the fun. Its for me almost the entire spectrum of human experience (sex is sort of rare, though. but hey. I've worked on the devices.. who knows maybe one day I'll get lucky again).

The absolute worst thing I have encountered by far, in SL, are people you would prefer to know IRL . For me, there are two, one professional and one personal. Both trouble. One, a professor, I wish to meet so badly irl that I can't seem to bring myself to meet her in SL. And of course I also am genetically programmed to bring all of my research in and hand it over, open source. Needless to say. On ice. The other. Just someone I would like to be friends with. I really like both of them alot, but there is this huge RL barrier because when I meet them in SL I feel like I am playing with dolls. I want to be Ken this time. Ok?

The other person, has common interests. Common goals, and even a little of the same sense of humour. So we spend all of our time in carefully guarded positions. Sort of like two samurai. Sitting there wearing scary helmets that look like angry crabs or other ancient japanese body armour in the form of frightening and ornate seafood. And of course, I tell her theres a unicorn in the garden and she says..

So naturally I am seeing things that are not here. Did I mention that the Unicorn is the symbol of my family herald? I guess if you want to put something on your armor before you go out and get killed in the field of battle, a unicorn is as good as anything else. Yes. The unicorn is a mythical creature. and that is why they play golf, because par is a mythical score. its not a horn... its a TWO IRON sticking out of his head. AAAAAAHHH


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Alright - update to the story about the schoolteacher - turned out, that the majority of those accounts were nuked for a different reason other than teenagers fooling around in there. In fact, apparently there is a trigger about how much money you can move around in-world. Some kind of big festival going on and lots of money moving around in there and so there was a money laundering trigger or something that occurred and the accounts were locked out. Wish I knew how much money this was. Anyway, it was not her fault.