The Wave

In 1969, a California High School social studies teacher began an experiment called The Wave . Note how the grammar convention I use, of hyperlinking, replaces quotation marks.

"The Wave" was a social experiment that began when the Palo Alto don could not find the words or concepts to explain the rise of the third Reich. And so, he formed an experimental group with his class based on simple principles.

The first, though not chronologically in the tale, is equality within the group. I say this because what is reinforced survives. Just as in SL , forever means two weeks, as the saying goes. The students are all working together for a common cause.

The second is identity, and personal challenge. "Student, what was the real name of the Nazi party?" . The student must reply "Mr. Ross" as prefix. And the answer must be delivered in a straightforward tone. "Mr. Ross, The name of the Party was the German Socialist Worker's Party". This is where the wave began.

When I was in college , as an undergrade, I happened to try to take a course in Topology under Dr. Sumner. He was at the time commuting to University of California, and our University , working on winding theory problems for DNA. It still blows my mind to note that DNA unravels at Mach 3. Quite literally , when its done - it spins apart so fast it breaks the sound barrier. This is happening within you right now. Each unwinding tears a piece of DNA off. It is your personal timer. Which system will fail first. You are only guaranteed that there will be a last system to fail. ... I digress... as ... usual.

Dr. Sumner had a friend of his from Harvard, to lecture on the mathematics of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction. Its a reaction that has a wave front which his friend had done some work on, I think relating to something called winding number. I remember he gave the lecture in a boris and natasha T shirt where boris and natasha were standing and there were hearts travelling in the air between them.

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Emilly Orr said…
Sorry, I would, but I'm back on DNA unraveling at Mach 3.

In my personal cosmogeny--and without stating that any other personal deific choice is wrong--the universe begins when Kali sings it into motion, the sound of the first note placed on still air, which sets all things to spin.

DNA knows this, apparently. DNA hears the song and knows when to speed the tempo, dervish-like, until all is expended and it flies apart into minute and fragmentary parts, letting the song expire with them.

That's deeply interesting for some reason.
Anonymous said…
Boris and Natasha go together like oil and water.
did you know that if you use a little black tape, on a birds ears, his song will change ?

anonymous -

Ok, so you're saying that just because they never killed moose and squirrel they didn't have it going on?

I measured my relationships by deliverables, once, but when I started sending NDA/No Competes for people that I just randomly met and wanted to talk to I realized its not about killing prey animals.

Seriously. Boris and Natasha don't love each other? You have to be kidding.