Search for Bettie Page and... ?

Alright, now this is cool. A search for Bettie Page yields a piece, by an author who did a detailed study of christian relevance of Tolkien. Wow. That was fun. I think if Bettie Page had a myspace page, she'd have like, 90 million friends or something. Er. Tolkien would have at least five, I know that for sure.

Time to spend some time today in the .. laboratory . Hey all of you wonderful readers who hit my blog while you're supposed to be working (after all, isn't this the conservation of nuisance principle) on your way home from work today why not call 1 800 GOOG 411 , thats ... 1 800 466 4411 ... see what happens. >:) seek and ye shall find. Be nice to the speech recognition engine, its doing its best. Don't search for "Bettie Page". Leave that to us science guys.


Greg Wright said…
Hey, thanks for the link to my review, and for the kind personal comments.

Sadly, those funny characters in the review can't be corrected -- and a part of the byproducts of Blogger's migration to Google.

Those characters were inserted when the blog was automatically republished at some time, and I now no longer have access to the account.

If you're interested in the full (uncluttered) text of the review, I can send it to you. I can be reached via the contact form at