Julia ( From Winston's Diary In Orbit)

So many different things can be left undone
by the body
the soul
the heart
the mind

So many things can be sent into the world unformed
the glazed obsequious leer
the half finished beer
a face kept in a jar by the door
the nettles that sting
the claws the catch
glowing red eyes
a partisan debate

What of us, Julia?
Our essence?
Our love?

Passive aggression?

Have you seen my new tattoo?
It's Rotation independent
Easily readable
by smartphone
or down

I pray
the king can see this,
without his glasses on.

Tell me of your father
Who once lived on Earth

Tell me of the chicken
Tell me of the egg
Which comes first

She says. The egg.
It was implanted in the cold
center of cometfall
burning the sky
It fell to the ground
and survived

in the center of the fire

So we warm our hands
Like Frederic the Mouse
Leo Lionni

and then I get the bright idea
That comes from my partly failed career
in the boy scouts

I look in her dark eyes
her beauty shines
government issued graham crackers
and chocolate and marshmallows
encircling the bright orb
we eat s'mores

But all of this was long ago
And now

As you read this
Death is not so intense
It is natural

And having found the chewy dark center
I scream at the sky
with Leonard Cohen's grace

and miss you
your heart
your soul


Just this once
Let me open my eyes
and let the pieces of me
fly into your immortal night

As the sparks fly upward