A Distant Ship's Smoke On The Horizon

Why don't the sequence indices
count the terms?

We are all , in the end
Food for worms

So let's begin one and one
and two and three and five

Can you stand up?
We are alive

You and I
Two rabbits on a bright blue ball
at the edge of nowhere

It's a life
inside a shopping mall
a nightmare in shades of blue
and gray

Where we fall
by exhaustion

Perhaps so hard
our core will stop
and the the northern lights will go out
except for a fleeting glimpse

The dark water will flow into my lungs
at the center of the ocean
my hands going numb
icy cold

You and I
float into the Marianas Trench
Like liquid nitrogen

We play bridge
with Cthulhu

And one day the prophecy will come true
a distant ship's smoke on the horizon
will shatter us into diamonds

And the film of our lives
will careen off the edge of a california road
and explode