If I am the Answer

If I am the Answer
What is the question?

Where are the wild things?
Are they free from sin?

Is God a gentleman?
Does he live without, or within?
Or a galaxy?

If I am the Answer
What was the question?

Did it have the prosody and rhythm
of voices singing with freedom

as if pouring into the universe
all the consciousness of being?

If I am the Answer
What is going to be the question?

Will the galaxies dance in time
to the newfound pattern of rhyme
that unfolds in lolspeak
and the super sad love story

of a playschool messiah
on sixth grade construction paper
bent and folded into nothingness

and swallowed at just the moment
the spy is caught
and forced to hand over the document

But instead bites the poison pill
and disappears by force of will

And takes with him
the unborn

Of the sixth or seventh generation
like a red light on a telephone

Maybe the question was
Do you have any feelings? At all?
Or are you just
Happy to turn on the television
and listen to talk radio
and watch the spirit of your mother fade
into the spirit of your father's grave
and leave nothing
but a stone

Upon which is engraved
a bar code

That leads you here
to a poem
Where once I was
and now you are

I want you now
to look around


Before it all burns