Something Breaks

I am not the same
a part of me is gone

A right has turned wrong

Pain tells me where it hurts
but feeling nothing is the domain

of scars
that will never heal

There is something that breaks
within me

Something not made of skin and bone
Something that can be broken

Something that isn't gone
it dies screaming
torn apart

From nothing
Ex nihilo
nihil fit

We sunbathe in the light
of a black sky

The sky glows
everything crashing inward
tracing across the upper atmosphere

We cry
in the rain
We drown our fear

Something breaks
I can feel Love
Or Hate

You are
My girlfriend in a coma
My one
The virgin mary
Sees you like I see
Like a rosary
each bead a wrecking ball

I lay down by your side
we share a beach blanket
under a black hole sun

I look into your dead eyes
and feel my own life fade

Life that exists through death
and death that exists in life
building up inside
for I don't know how long
cloud based

I don't know why but I keep thinking something
is bound to go wrong

But then she looks me in the eyes
And says

Don't worry, baby.
Everything will be alright.

And I remember our wedding night
The door that opened to our room
Silver hypodermic waiting
Dreamlike approaching

The sound of breaking glass
and Stars