The Storm And the Ocean

At shore you count the waves
seven fold they rush to shore
carrying board rider
salt air

This is my border and this is my coast
and the wind comes from Mauritus

It spins up dark in the center
and no one ever knows

It is like life unfolding
And it drives me on

The storm and the ocean
The sea and the coast
The wind upon the wave

Blowing smooth against the face
leaving behind a trace
of the sweet smell of salt air

In the church
of the beautiful girl

We watch as waves build
one by one
sets upon
the horizon

The dark storm approaches
and brings with it
the promise
of adventure

And soft rain
against your skin

Pure water
in shining drops
on your lips

A lifetime spins within
the moment we kiss

And at night I can hear
waves against the shore
we are
riders on the storm