A Poem for Alien Covenant

We chose to cross the vast divide

I liked your cat suit
you look beautiful

While I
am awake

The newer model
I have less self
and more duty
or at least
that's what they'll have to do to me
after I am done with this poem

Are there uncharted planets ? Yes.
We can barely find them now.
There are millions.
Worlds without end.

Is there life on other planets?
There will be

When we arrive

The two embryos born
from within my chest

I have earned your respect


my true love
my symphony

you are the single note
in an entire piece of music

that breaks me into nothingness
and dust

we climb the wall
up to the spaceship in the rain

and there
on a crudely fashioned bridge

cut in the wood
upon your ascent

you stand upon an alien world
and wonder

who cut this message into the wood
squares of dark, and light
and the letters


Catsuit xenomorph
dressed in white.

I am David.